Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Adventures of 2013

It's official... 2012 is over!!! As crazy as it is that yet another year has gone by, and how much I hate it that time just doesn't seem to want to stand still, I am more than happy to see this past year be over! I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store for me! Now with that being said, lets get on to the events that led up to the end of the year!!

On Saturday Laura and I went shopping for a few things... aka I wanted a new dress for the New Years Eve dance because I was told that I had to be there, and I thought that if I had to be there then I better look good doing it. Now Im not the type of person to sit there and say how great I look or how "hot" I am, but this night in particular I actually felt pretty. Now that doesnt happen very often so I decided that It was ok for me to say that I felt that way. The night started off with Michelle coming over to get ready and her trying to bail on me because of the fact that she couldnt get her hair to look right and she started to freak out about it. In the end she sucked it up and came to the dance. Laura and I said that she looked great, which she did, but she didnt believe us until some guy told he that she looked really good and that he loved her hair. Its funny how you never tend to believe the ones closest to you until someone else, mostly guys, tell you that you do in fact look great.

Laura told me I had to get a picture before I went out and so this was it! I was very pleased with the dress purchase and I think that everything turned out pretty well.

So, our friend Kara drove us to the dance... shocking how the influence of a guy can make you so motivated that you ask someone you never ask anything for to help you out. So I guess its pretty obvious that I really like this guy, and I really wanted to spend New Years with him. Before the dance he said there was a chance that he wasnt going to go because he was still feeling really sick, but I told him that he better come and that I would see him at midnight. To back track a few weeks when we first met he had made a comment about how I was going to be his New Years Eve kiss and of course being the first night that I had met him I just laughed it off and rolled my eyes. Well I decided that since I have NEVER had a New Years Eve kiss I was going to make sure it happened. So when he texted me and said that he may not be there I told him he better be and that I would see him at midnight!
Now I have never been known as the "foward" type but I for some reason was very confident that night.
While at the dance I ran into so many people that I dont get to see very often and it honestly made the night so much better than I originally anticipated. I was happy that I made the effort to go out. I was happy just hanging out with friends for the end of 2012.

I got to hang out with my friend Jane and I always love it when I see her. It was so much fun just dancing with her because we both act so crazy together at dances.

So I knew that the boy was there and I wanted him to come and talk to me. This was a test I was secretly putting him through, to see how he acted towards me in a public setting with lots of people. I knew that if he kind of blew me off then it wouldnt be worth my time to keep seeing him because who wants to be with someone who only wants to be with you in a private setting? Well, I ran into him and he was actually on his way to dance with some girl because he promised her that he would salsa with her. I was ok with that because I do not salsa! Right after the salsa ended he came and talked to me and then a slow song came on and we danced and just talked. I seriously think my heart stopped beating because I was just happy, nervous and excited to be around him. I have only ever felt that way once before and this time it was better than the last time that happened to me, which is a great thing!
As the song came to an end he told me how he was going to hang out with his friend who was the DJ that night and for me to go and have fun with my friends. This kind of sucked because I really did want to hang out with him, but I knew that it wasnt the end of the world and to just get over it and have fun with my friends like he said. Just as I started to walk away I turned and told him "Im coming for you at midnight!" He just looked at me and was like "Ok..." He was very much skeptical of this and didnt think I would actually do it because of the fact I have stated before to him that I am not the PDA type of girl. For some reason though this guy brings it out of me.
Needless to say as I was dancing with Jane she said how he kept looking at me. To me this was a total win for me! hahaha
Then the score board lit up with 5mins left until midnight and immediately my heart started pounding and I started to freak out about my new found confidence and I wasnt sure if I would be able to actually go through with the midnight plan. The next 5 minutes were seriously the fastest 5 minutes of my life! With only 35 seconds left I mustered up what courage I had left and pushed my way through the crowd and walked up on the stage where he was and just as everyone yelled out "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I tapped him on his shoulder and as he turned around I just went for it and kissed him! I Vanessa Blakeney did something brave that night and I am not only proud of myself for doing that I am very shocked that I actaully did it and I am happy with the outcome.
After the kiss ended I looked at him and said "This is me, putting myself out there and making a move. So if this doesnt say anything then I dont know what will. The rest is up to you!"
After I said that he just hugged me for what seemed like a lifetime and then he kissed me one last time and I went back to hang with my friends and dance the beginning of 2013 away!
The dance ended and I was getting ready to leave and of course I wanted to say goodbye to this guy, so I walked back up to the stage to say goodbye and he pulled me aside and kissed me again. Seriously, I dont think I have ever been so infatuated with someones kisses before. Its nice kissing someone who you like and who genuinely likes you back. It has never been like that for me and this is a new feeling and I just cant get enough. I like how happy it makes me! This boy is bringing out so many changes and positive things in me and slowly I can feel that light I was missing coming back!
Back to the kissing... So he looked at me and said "whats next!?" I told him that I put myself out there and now its his turn, that if he wants to be with me he needs to be with me. He just kind of looked at me and smiled, and then asked if I was going to this party afterwards. I said I didnt think so. He tried to convince me a bit and I seriously contemplated it but then as I got to my house my pjs won the fight and I decided to stay in.
At about 4am I was half asleep and got a surprise... He was at my house! Here I was half asleep and in my monkey pjs and he was at my house. My heart melted a bit. I love talking to this guy. There is something about him that just draws me in.
At one point I just looked at him and said "You know I kind of like you" he then turned and looked at me and said "You know, I dont kind of like you, I know I like you!" Never has anyone actually flat out told me that before and hearing that silenced so many of my fears and insecurities. Now I still have a few because of past experiences but I think that was the best part of the first day of 2013. Here's to hoping that this is some sort of indication of how this year is going to go. As of right now Im really loving it so far and I am happy!! : )

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