Sunday, January 20, 2013

The End Is Near...

It is Sunday afternoon and I thought that since I am going to need tonight to pack I should probably write about the remainder of my trip now.
I left off talking about Wednesday night and the phone call I got. After the phone call I didnt get a whole lot of sleep because I just couldnt get my mind to shut off. This is a problem I seem to be having lately while Ive been home so my sleeping patterns are all out of wack. I got woken up at about 7am by my mother asking me if she kept Lyla at the house would I be willing to watch her while she went to Costco. I grudgingly agreed... not because I didnt want to spend time with Lyla but because I was half asleep and was super tired. Around 9 ish Lyla and my mom come downstairs and tell me that I now need to wake up to watch her. I tried to keep my eyes open but it was really difficult. Luckily Lyla had Bobot (the Ipad) to entertain her. At first she kept trying to show me "funny" kittens and I just acted as if I was interested and fake laughed until I fell back to sleep. I know I know, I am a HORRIBLE person. It was never my intention to back to sleep but it happened. I didnt sleep long and was soon awoken by the sounds of rushian voices followed by the sounds of the sweetest laughter there is. I got up and go to sit by Lyla to see what she was watching and she was indeed watchcing some random show on youtube that was russian and she then proceeded to tell me that it was all about a girl who was very bad. One day we are all going to wake up and she is going to be fluent in russian. That kid just cracks me up.
Once my mother was home I quickly got ready because I had a lunch date with an old manager of mine, Raquel, and I was seriously so excited to see her. She was the one person I always loved working with and she and I were just like 2 peas in a pod. I adore her. We went to this pub in Bedford called Finnbar and I got this amazing chicken sandwich. We got to talk about everything that has gone on in the last year and how we are and all about her wedding that is coming up in June. I know that if I would have stayed here I would have been in the wedding for sure. I am seriously so happy that she is finally marrying this guy. She is 47 and it just shows that you can have all your dreams come true no matter what age you are. Its funny because she dated this guy in high school and they were completely in love with each other but for some reason that I cannot remember they broke up. They both went their seperate ways and both had lives of their own which included children and marriages that just didnt work out. They found each other years later and have been together pretty much ever since. Their saying on the wedding favors is all about how their first love is their last love. I think it is just so cool how they were able to get back together and now embark on this journey together. I love wedding stuff and lately I have just loved it even more than usual. Raquel showed me her wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses, which she found at American Eagle for 30$ each. The dresses are so beautiful and I wish that I could be here for it but I cant. June is a crazy month for me because if everything goes the way I hope it does then Im going to Atlanta for a few days and then the following week I am going to Tayor Swift in Winnipeg with Laura. But I wish for her nothing but love and happiness. She is amazing and she deserves it.
Ok... after having Lunch with Raquel I was supposed to meet up with Pat, but he had "family issues" and couldnt meet up. This was a little sad only because I do love catching up with him, but it was no major loss so thats a plus. I came home for Tacco dinner with the fam, and of course Lyla was there and seriously I just had the time of my life goofing around with her chasing her around the house and her attacking me. That little girl puts the biggest smile on my face. I cannot believe that she is going to be going to school in the Fall. I am so sad that I wont be able to see that happen, but I am seriously so in love with the little person she is. Its crazy how fast time flys these days. It seems like yesterday she wasnt even born yet, and now here she is so full of life and personality that sometimes you wonder if maybe she has a little too much hahaha she is a character and so unique I love her.
After dinner I went over to my friend Kali's house so that we could do dessert. Theres this little desserterie and bar on Barrington Street which is quite cute, yet a little pricey, but since I am on vacation and I dont get to see these people very often I thought that it was ok to spend a little more on dessert than I normally would. Kali and I used to work together and its because of me and the last time I was here that she and her boyfriend are together. He used to live with Jake and they all came to the Pogue last year when I was in town because I begged Jake to come because I wanted to see him. Now if things dont work out between them, then I had nothing to do with them ever meeting ahaha.
Kali and I spent a few hours just talking and catching up and it was fun. It was just so chilled and relaxed as it always is when shes around and thats why I love hanging out with her.
I came home afterwards and just sat on the couch and started watching Lost. I watched most of the first season when it was on TV but because of conflict in show schedule I didnt continue watching it and I have always wanted to watch the rest of it. Josh has netflix so I have been watching it on there. I am a little obsessed as of right now and Im not even finished season 1.
After very little sleep again it was now Friday and I had to get up and drive to Middle Sackville to see my friend Lexie and her baby Addison. Seriously I think there is something in the water here because all the kids are growing up so fast and I dont like it one bit. I remember when Lexie found out she was pregnant almost 2 years ago and now Addison is almost a year and half. She was hilarious. Within minutes of me being there my lap was covered in toys and puzzle pieces then she wrapped her blanket around me. Honestly I am loving all my friends little kids. I have always loved kids but I think now that I am getting older I have fallen more in love with them. Dont get me wrong, I still get annoyed with kids just like everyone else but I do love them so much.
I stayed at Lexies for a few hours and then I had to head to Halifax Shopping Center to meet up with Katie. Seriously this week has been a check list of people I have been tryin to see. I literally had to put people into my calendar so that I knew when I was and wasnt free. I love how busy I was because it made my trip that much better because I actually got to see pretty much everyone that I wanted to see.
Back to Katie... we just walked around the mall and chatted. We got to talking about her relationship with this guy we used to work with and how when she is done school she thinks that she might move to Calgary. This would be great and I would love it. Katie is awesome and so funny. I miss having my friends around, but I love Calgary and wouldnt want to live any where else at this point.
After hanging with Katie I had nothing to do and was in Halifax still and I knew that institute was happening soon so I first went to Bulk Barn because I wanted some candy and then went to the chapel. I am seriously so impressed with the new CES person, Bro. Cartier. He is a great teacher. I do feel bad though because I was so distracted with Logan and Stacey that I didnt pay much attention. I get distracted easily and Friday night was no exception. After institute I decided to call it a night because I had to get up way early the next day to take Josh to the airport and to bring my car back. Well of course I couldnt sleep again so I didnt get much and then it was time to go at 430am. The best part was that I didnt get out of the car to say goodbye to Josh because it was cold and pointless to get out for 2 seconds so as he was walking away he turned and looked at me and blew me a kiss hahahah For those of you who know Josh you know how funny this is and how this is typical Josh behaviour. My brother is very sarcastic in many ways and it is seriously one of my favorite things about him. I miss having him around as well.
So we drop Josh off and drop my car off and drive back home which resulted in me climbing back into the sqeakiest bed known to man and going back to sleep until 2pm and then just layin there for hours until the Pizza and Garlic Fingers arrived for dinner. This meant that me and my maja (thats what I've been calling her this whole time) would be spending time eating and watching TV together in the basement. Now this is a rare occurance that she would let us eat downstairs so I took it! We just watched TV for a little bit then I played piano for a bit and then we watched more TV and then I decided it was time to head upstairs and get back to Lost. That is what I did until I decided I should try to get some sleep... Well sleep didnt happen until about 2ish and then I had to get up at 730 for church. I went to Cole Harbor ward with my maja and said my goodbyes to a few people. One of which was Leslie Fraser whom I just love and adore. I didnt get to see her last week so this week was our hello and goodbye. Oh that girl just loves to talk and loves getting in on the dirt... aka she hounded me for information about Mr Man. She was very pleased with her "findings" and made a point to say "I better be invited."
Cole Harbor ward was good and afterwards I took my mom home and went to the branch so say a few more goodbyes. This is where some girl was the first speaker and instead of opening with the classic "Im so nervous please bare with me" line she said "I would much rather take arsenic and jump off a bridge than give this talk." Uhhhhhhh......?????? I seriously was sitting there completely dumbfounded not knowing what to say or think and just nervously laughed like the rest of the people there. Sacrament meeting went a little long and I had to get back home because I had told mom I would be back for dinner and I also made plans with my neighbour whom Ive known pretty much my entire life. So Lauren, neighbour friend, and I just hung out and chatted. This has been a common theme amoungst my friends and I since being here. We chat. There is nothing I like more than to just sit and have a good chat with someone especially if you dont get to do it that often.
Dinner tonight was just me, my maja and dear old poppa bear who graciously got out of bed to have dinner with us. He has been on nights the entire time that I have been home and so I really havent seen him much. Tonight before he heads off to work I will say goodbye to him and this for me will be a sad one because in many ways I am a daddys girl more than anything. I love my dad and I love hanging with him and we havent had the chance to do that. But I am grateful for the little time I did get to spend with him, even if he was asking me questions about the boy and saying "the rest of the questions I will save for him when I meet him" ... Oh poppa bear who knows if that will happen, but if it does I am more than ok with it.
Speaking of Mr "I dont want to make it official until after you get back" has informed me that he has been telling people that he has a girlfriend. So looks like its official. I Vanessa Blakeney have a boyfriend. I have been telling people here that I do just because its easier to explain things to those who dont live in the same province as you... but now Im going to say it to whomever asks. This for me is really exciting. I am so excited about seeing him tomorrow morning at the airport. I am excited to see how this all plays out. Im just really overall happy about the whole thing. It has been a long time coming for this happiness to arrive and seriously I am glad it happened when I was still 25 because if I would have gone into 26 not dating someone then I would have some issues that needed taking up with the Lord. Now dont get me wrong, my birthday is still 4 months away, but I seriously doubt that this will end by then if at all. Thats right I said it, I dont see it ending. But again, being the realist that I am, I know there is just as good of a chance it could end as it could last. Im just really pulling for the lasting side of things.
I have to pack everything tonight and this is something that Im really not looking forward to. I hate packing even when I already know whats going into the bag. I just hate the organizing side of things and it also doesnt help that my bag when I left as a little heavy and Im worried that it may be heavier some how on the way back. In all seriousness I wore almost everything I brought. There were a couple outfits I didnt wear and thats because I wore the same jeans two days and I stayed in my pjs all day yesterday so that makes up for what I didnt wear. I just suck at packing. The End.
Anyway.... Its sad to say the end of my trip is near. I had a blast and love being with family and friends. I also loved the fact that I had a car the whole time which I wont have when Im back. I gotta work on that asap! I am sad to leave NS but I am happy to be going back to something other than my bed. I miss my friends and I miss the boy. I have told him this on many occassions since being here and again I am so excited to see him tomorrow. This does mean I have to get up early and shower and do my hair and make up. If he wasnt picking me up then I wouldnt have showered, but you gotta dress to impress even if you're flying early.
Heres to a good night of packing and watching Lost and then its fly out in the morning!!
Halifax I love you and will miss you!!!

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