Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday Night = Girls Night

Yesterday was in fact Monday, and after it being what seemed like the LONGEST Monday ever I was more than happy to just get home and go for a tan... Oh yeah, in case you didnt know I love tanning and have been going this past month! Anyway.... So I get home and I chat with Laura for a few minutes and then I went for a nice tan to help me unwind from the day. Yesterday was just a very long day because Donna was sick at work and so I was stuck at the front all day and couldnt get any training done in the Licensing Department. The best part of my day at work was that the boy asked me if I wanted him to pick me up from the airport the day I fly back into Calgary. This is something that I have been hoping for but I didnt want to ask him to do it, I wanted him to want to do it and offer. Then he did and I was seriously on cloud 9 while I was at work.
Ok, so onto my evenining. After I went tanning Michelle was supposed to come over because she wanted me to cut her hair... I cut it for her this summer and she loved it so she wanted me to do it again. For clarification, I am not a hair stylist in any way shape or form. So Michelle being the sweet sweet girl that she is didnt realize that when you go tanning it only takes about 15 minutes in the bed plus travel time. So we are looking at about 30 minutes all together. Well she was supposed to show up to my house a little before 7 because we were going out to eat at 730. She showed up at 715 thinking I would be able to cut her hair for her still. 15 minutes is not enough time. She then informed me that she didnt think that I would be home before 7 because tanning takes forever when you're outside in the sun so she figured it would take just as long inside in a bed. I then explained to her the concept of a tanning bed. My dear sweet Michelle how I love her!
Onto dinner... We went o BP's across the street with Priscila and Catherine. Seriously It was just so nice to go out with the girls and have a good time and just catch up. Priscila however didnt really know what to make of my socialness because the last she had checked I was the girl who stayed at home and didnt do anything. Ive seriously been that girl for a really long time now and dont get me wrong I LOVE being lazy a lot of the time, but Ive also fallen back in love with being social and having friends and doing things... Now all I need is a car and then I can be more social! So who wants to help me out with figuring how to get that started!??? I know nothing about cars and how to go about getting one and the stuff I need so that I can finance one. Any takers???

Ok... So this is seriously not going to be a long post because even though last night was a great night I dont really want to go into details of all of our conversation, but lets just say there were a lot of questions being thrown around because we hadnt hung out in a long time and we wanted to get caught up on everything!

Last night was the premiere of the Bachelor and let me tell you... This season looks like its going to be full of drama which is GREAT! The first episode was hilarious and I felt so awkward with so many of the girls who decided to "make a first impression." Im sorry but if you need to do all these weird antics to get attention then whats the point of being yourself!? Like yes I understand you want to impress someone but seriously come on!! You dont need to do half the things you do. Just be yourself and if your personality shines through and you have that initial "connection" then you will make it! Please stop embarrassing yourself... or dont because I actually think it makes for great TV hahaha

For a closing to this blog I just want to insert one bit of sheer happiness... Today is January 8th 2013, and on this date last month (Dec.8th.12) my life changed and I am loving how happy Ive been since then. I never thought that I would be able to be this happy this fast, but right now I am. For that I am thankful!
Happy Tuesday to you all!!


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