Monday, January 21, 2013

Airport Adventures

I am back in Calgary now but before I got here there were a few things that I had to go through to get to me sitting here in my bed tonight. Let me start from the beginning...
Last night there was crazy winds in Halifax and it was so loud, not to mention that someone put their dog outside and decided to leave it out there and let it bark all through the night. So here I am trying to sleep and I cant because of all the noise, then to top it all off I hear a bang out in the living room and I immediately assume that someone has broken into the house and wants to kill us. I decided I should go investigate the situation but half way to the living room I decided I didnt want to risk it and quickly checked to see if my mom was still in her bed, aka alive, and then I turned the light on in my room and tried to get some sleep. I am also scared of flying for some reason. Im not the typical person who's scared of the actual flying part, I get really nervous and anxious leading up to getting to the airport. So here I am laying in the worst bed known to man trying not to barf (laura thats for you.) I had to get up at 345am to be sure that I could get a shower and get ready because I was meeting the boy at the airport and I needed to look good for it.
Onto the airport adventures... I made my mom get up extra early and drive me so that I could ensure I would get there early enough to get a window seat... well me and the window seat were just not meant to be. Me and an aisle seat were also not friends. The middle seat however was my bestie! I was lucky that I got the emergency exit so I atleast had some extra leg room. After checking in I went to the security part of the airport to get everything checked out to make sure I wasnt planning on taking the plane down. Here I am putting all my things in the bins and waiting for them to get scanned and handed back to me. Well because I have a laptop they decided to do a swab of my laptop and well, they checked it and it came back positive for... TNT! Uhhhhh mom and dad where on earth did you get this!? So I had to get searched and I had to have all my stuff run back through the scanner then everything had to be taken out and searched quite thoroughly. I also was questioned. This seriously was not my idea of a good start to my day. Sitting on the plane I was in between a Michael Phelps wannabe and an oversized lady who kept getting nose bleeds! Yay me!!
I am the type of person who has a really hard time sleeping on planes but because I had very little sleep I was able to sleep for a little bit but not a whole lot. I was getting really anxious to get into Calgary because I really wanted to see the boy who was waiting for me at the airport.
I get off the plane and decided I needed to pee before I see him and also I wanted to make sure that I still looked some what decent. As I was headed down the stairs to baggage claim where he would be waiting I was seriously getting so nervous and anxious to see him. We had talked everyday that I was gone but it had been ten days since we had seen each other and it was a little nerve wracking. So I walk through the doors and I didnt see him at first and then I look over and I see him standing there with a teddy bear! Like seriously so cheesy but it honestly just made my morning. I was so happy that I got to see him and that he cared enough to get me a teddy bear. I have never had anyone buy me a stuffed animal before. The best part is that it smells like him. I hugged him so many times because I was just so happy to be with him. I havent stopped smiling since. He came over afterwards and looked at me and said "Im so happy to have you back and please never go away for that long ever again." Seriously I dont know how on earth this really all came to be. He has been just so unexpected in my life and I dont want to let it go. He said that his heart will be mine as long as I dont hurt him. I have no intention of doing so. As scary as this is to be in a vulnerable state I am loving everything so far. Now all I need is a car and an idea for his birthday next week. Hes turning 32 and I have no idea what to do or get him... well heres to hoping that I figure things out!!!
So I am back in Calgary and Im officially official with this boy and I am a happy girl!!
Happy Monday everyone!!!!

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