Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Little Things...

Today I want to write about all the little things that have just made everything better in life. Of course being the teeny bopper I am it made me think of the One Direction song "Little Things" ... I am in love with this song actually. I think its cute and well, Im a fan of them! haha

So Ive never been the type of person who is all about big gestures or overly flashy things. I love the simple things in life. Yes dont get me wrong some times I do like the "bigger" things in life, but for the most part I am more than satisfied with the simpler things. For example, Ive never been the one who likes to have money spent on me even on dates! Ive been on 2 dates that were just so simple but sweet and genuinely fun. One time I was visiting Edmonton and I was going on a date and the guy had 2 thermus's of hot chocolate (it was winter) and we drove to this look out of the city and there was a radio that played old school radio movies and we just sat there and talked and listened to the movie. It was unique and fun and it didnt really cost anything. Then there was this time when I was dating this guy and he wanted to take me out but it was difficult to do anything major because he didnt have a car. Well he showed up with flowers (carnations... Im not a big flower person to begin with but Im really not a carnation girl) and my favorite ice cream and we just walked to the park and sat down and ate the ice cream and talked. Again this really didnt cost much and it was nice to just sit and talk and get to know each other.

Now lately the simple things that have made me smile have been the words of a boy via text. Lately I have been getting the nicest texts from him and thats all it takes. I dont need big elaborate things because his words have been more than enough. A simple "goodmorning/goodnight beautiful" has made my day on many occassions and immediately I have the worlds biggest smile on my face. Things like this have made me more than excited to actually continue something with him. I cant wait to see where this all leads because right now I can only see good things coming out of it. I am so excited about going home this weekend, but part of me is just so excited to see him when I get back. I dont think Ive ever been excited for a vacation to end, especially before its even really begun.

There is one more little thing that I appreciate more than words can ever express... that little thing is actually a person, and of course its Lyla! Ive been thinking about her a lot lately because I get to go home this weekend. I also have been thinking a lot about her in the last 24 hours because Mr Mans sister had a baby yesterday and it made me remember when Lyla was born and how happy I was to finally have a niece.

I cannot believe that she is 4.5 years old now! She has grown up so much over the last few years and it saddens me that Im not there to see it happen. She is the best kid ever with the funniest personality. She is a very unique child and I am so happy to have her in my life even if its from a country away.

The next week and half I will be home in NS and yes that did cost some money to go but the best thing is that I will be able to hang out with friends and family and to me thats what is going to be the most exciting. I wont need to spend a lot of money because being with them will be enough.

Happy Thursday to you all!!! : )

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