Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being Home!

So its now Wednesday and I seriously could not be asking for a better trip... except maybe that its snowing outside and I thought I had left that in Calgary... Just my luck that it would follow me where I went.
Ok... so onto my adventures thus far. Sunday I believe was the last time I blogged and at that point I couldnt sleep... well things havent really changed much on the sleep front. Im still having issues with it but Im hoping that I will be able to get more sleep tonight! Monday came and I seriously slept until 3pm. This was not  good thing because that would mean that I wouldnt be able to get to sleep that night. Well what more could I do if the damage was already done? Not a whole lot. So I got up and had supper with my parents and got ready for the evening because I was goin to Angies. I did sit down and play the piano for a little while until I was ready to leave. This for me is a type of heaven. I find peace in music and it just seems so much better when Im able to play it myself. After playing for a bit I went to Angies and we hung out and watched the Bachelor. I dont know what it is about this season but I dont really have a "front runner" yet. I normally pick someone out by the first episode, maybe the second but this time I havent. The girls I find are way more catty than they have ever been before and I am excited to see the drama unfold. We all know that this show is full of drama and I seriously love this show because of it.
After leaving Angies I was just laying in bed wide awake with nothing to do, so I put on a couple movies. I was also on facebook and was chatting with Mr Man and then someone else came online and decided he too wanted to talk to me about how upset he was that I wasnt in Calgary the same time as him... Well buddy, my family is more important and also you had your chance and you couldnt be upfront about anything, therefore I said "Peace Out Australia" so deal with it.
Again this night was left very sleepless, and I didnt get to sleep until 6am and had to get up at 830am to make it to my hair appointment. It sucked that I had little sleep but I was thinking that this would mean that I would be able to sleep that night and not have to worry about not getting to bed at a decent hour... Yeah, I should have known better.
I went and got my hair done by Joyce, who is my favorite hair stylist and I have been going to her since I was a kid. She actually used to be my Brownie leader as a kid as well. Its always funny when I go to see her because she is so talkative and we get along great and she always has stories to tell. My hair takes a little over 2 hours... thats because its short, when it was longer it would be more than 3 hours... So when I was done I seriously felt as if I was going to fall down dead because I was so tired. I had made plans for after my hair getting done so I had to get home to get ready. Of course with my luck I got ready and messaged Dan (thats who I was seeing) and then he bailed on me and we said that we would hang out the next day instead. This left my afternoon wide open with not a lot to do and there was no way I was just going to wait around my house and do nothing so I left and went to the mall to see who was working. I visited with a few people for a little while and saw people I didnt get to see yet and I played catch up with them. I always love hanging out with people and catching up. I miss so many of my friends here but I seriously made the right decision in moving to Calgary and being home I am reminded of that. Dont get me wrong NS is great but its just not for me. Ok... so after visiting with a few friends I decided I should go see my grandparents. My grampie wasnt there, it was only my nannie so I just hung out with her for a few hours and chatted about life in Calgary. She did ask me if there was anyone "special" back home and I couldnt lie to the sweet old lady, so I told her that there was someone, but its nothing serious at the moment, and that its just new. This is something that brought a smile to her face because she is always telling people that she wishes that I would find someone. I told her not to get her hopes up though because really no one really knows what will come of this. It was nice seeing her smile and her be filled with hope for me. Such a sweet lady my nannie is.
I left my nannies house and decided to go for a drive so I went to rainbow haven beach but the gates were closed so I could only get a picture from one side, but the sun was setting and it was just so pretty.

After just sitting and looking out at the water for a few minutes I made plans with an old friend, Jake, to hang out for a bit before I went to stay at Hannahs for the night. Jake needed to do some running around and so I had to wait until he was done. I decided to go back home because my phone was dying and I forgot my charger. I drove back to my house and of course my family is not home and I dont have a key for the door so I was locked out with nothing to do. Then it hit me, drive to the Temple and just sit there and think. No idea why I decided to go there but I felt that I needed to go there and just ponder on a few things in my life. So that is what I did.
Here I was for the first time, sitting in front of the Temple praying. I dont know what came over me, but I decided I needed to pray about a few things. I knew in that moment that I really did need to continue working on things in my life and get a few things taken care of when I get back to Calgary. Growing up we are always told that going through the Temple is a good thing and is something you sould work towards and is such a great blessing in your life. I have gone to the Temple before to do baptisims but nothing beyond that. I have always loved the peace it brang to my life. For some reason though I never really thought or believed that I would have the chance to actually go through one day, especially these last few months I kind of gave up on that dream. But then something unexpected happened and all of a sudden everyhing changed and I have been changing my life around in so many good ways, and I am seriously the happiest Ive been I think maybe ever. And sitting in front of the Temple I got this feeling that I was going to have the chance to go through and I got so excited about it. This is a dream Im going to start to work on to make a reality, whether it be because I am going to get married (not saying that this is happening) or if I decide it is something I want to do on my own. Either way I think its a good goal for me to have right now.
After sitting in front of the Temple for almost an hour I went and headed over to Jakes. Now Jake is someone I always thought I would love to date. No he is not a member, but we always got along really well and I always loved hanging with him and talking. A few months ago he and I started talking a lot and it was decided that when I got home we were going to hang out. Now I knew that when I got home that the odds were really good that I would kiss him. I was ok with that because I always wondered what that would be like. Then December happened and things changed. So here I was sitting at Jakes and he was starting to get a lot closer to me and I really felt uncomfortable. There was nothing really going on, but I didnt like sitting that close to him. Then I could feel a shift in the atmosphere and I knew what would happen if I didnt get out of there fast. So I mustered up with strength I had and I left. I got out of there before I was faced with the challenge of turning him away because I have someone I am genuinely interested in and am starting something with back home. This is something I do not want to compromise so I got out and I am glad that I did. Now I dont think Jake and I will ever talk again but I think that is a sacrafice I am more than willing to make.
I left Jakes and went to Hannahs and we just hung out and watched some TV and ate breakfast at midnight. It was great. I always love hanging with her. She is just great and I adore her!
The next day was Wednesday and I spent the majority of the day at Hannahs and then headed home to get ready because I was taking my family out to dinner. We went to Jack Astor's and Josh had Lyla so I was seriously so excited to see her. It was a great night and I was happy spending it with my family.
Seeing that I havent really been sleeping since Ive been home I decided that it would be a good night to get to bed early and it started off that way. However I woke up and was wide awake. Then I got a phone call and I was seriously so excited. The conversation didnt last long because I woke Josh up accidentally so I had to hang up, but seriously I just adore this guy. Its crazy how much I smile these days. I am so excited to get back and see him. There hasnt been a day yet that we havent texted and every time I see his name pop up on my phone I get the biggest smile! I am smitten.
Monday is seriously going to be a bitter sweet day because I leave my family, which sucks, but I get to go back to what is waiting for me in Calgary and that is really exciting.
I dont know what the furture hold but from the sound of things there are only good things to come and for this I am excited and anxious to see what will unfold.
Life is good and I am grateful for all the happiness I am feeling currently. Being home has brought some much needed light into my life and I am loving it!
Happy night to you all!

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