Monday, June 2, 2014

Crank Pot

Last week Dominic started to get really cranky and it seemed that every time I put him down or wasn't less than 5 feet away from him he would get upset. Needless to say not a lot got done last week. He and I have spent so much time together that hes becoming a mommas boy and now lays his head on my shoulder when hes sad or tired.  Then on Friday we went to Edmonton.
Dominic hates his car seat and at first he was doing so well on the drive. I drove and Dey stayed in the back seat with him to keep him company because he just really doesn't like being alone these days and he slept for a good bit of it. Once he woke up he started to cry and we had to pull over in some po-dunk town and just go to some side road and I fed him in the front seat. It was so hot in the car that he only wore a onesie and was still sweating. He calmed down and then about 20 minutes later he started screaming bloody murder again and we had to pull over and take him out of his seat and let him stretch his legs. Dey decided to drive the last 25 minutes to my brothers house and I stayed in the back with him.
Friday night we just hung out with Jeremy, Kim is in Utah, and we had some food and then we watched some TV. Dominic did so well sleeping that he slept through the night for the first time in weeks but when he woke up he was so hungry that he over ate and when he burped he burped up a good portion of what he ate all over me. I was not impressed because I only brought one set of pj's.
Dey had some people he was supposed to meet up with and so we went and got lunch with them and then met Jeremy at West Ed. Jeremy and I went on the roller coaster because we both like them and Dey watched Dominic. Of course Dominic went crazy and was super cranky and Dey had to leave galaxy land and was cranky for the rest of the time and wouldn't stay in his stroller. He also met up with some friends while we were at the mall and then finally we went home to Jeremy and just watched some more TV and then went to bed. We started the series "Modern Family" and its awesome.
We got up sunday and met up with Cortney and her mom for stake conference. We left to have lunch with Deys friend and then proceeded to drive home. Dey drove home and luckily Dominic slept the whole way home pretty much.
I'm not sure if he is teething or what but he has just been a crank pot for over a week now. I'm wondering if it could be his cereal, but he loves his cereal and its nice not having to feed him every 2.5-3 hours.
I love my son, but he can be difficult some times. I'm hoping that if it is teeth that he hurries up because him biting my hand and needing me constantly is a bit taxing.
I feel like I'm a horrible mom because I get frustrated and I cant seem to get things done. I still have over a months worth of laundry to fold and put away.
But hey I love my life and I wouldn't change it.

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