Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rough Night

I'm sitting here in bed at 3am blogging from my phone. I took a nap today (technically it was yesterday) and it has made me wide awake. It doesn't help that Dominic has been fussing lately. 
Since Dominic started eating rice cereal he has started to have more difficulty with pooping... Yes I'm talking about poop. 
Because he's having issues he gets upset, frustrated and is in pain. I gave him some prunes today because we were told by our doctor to try prunes. Fingers crossed this helps. 
Speaking of fingers, Dominic is also teething and hasn't quite figured out how to use teethers so he's resorted to my thumb knuckle. This boy can bite hard for not having any real teeth yet! 
I've also been sitting here missing the life I once had. No I don't mean I miss being single and not having Dey or Dominic, I miss having activities to go to and people to see every week. 
I feel like I've lost myself a bit and I'm not quite sure how to get it back when no ones around anymore and my mode of transportation is very limited. 
I just miss having fun. 

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