Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend fun

This weekend started on Friday morning for me. It had been about 6 months since I had my hair cut and it had gotten so very long and dead and just plain BLAH! So after planning with Dey I was able to go get my hair cut on Friday morning. I always go to chatters because it's cheaper and my mom sends me gift cards some times. I was with someone I wasn't with before and she was really good. I think her name was Lindsay and she has a 3 year old named Carter. I am very pleased with my cut. I got my side bangs back and got it thinned out. I am not lieing when I say I lost 5lbs of hair. 

After being at home for the day I was bored and because I've been sick I haven't been doing much so I told Dey to get ahold of our friends James and Diana to see what they were doing. They were going out for James birthday and asked if we wanted to go. I was all too happy to say yes. I decided before we left that we would take a family selfie. 

We decided to try Dominic in a high chair... It didn't last long nor did it work so well he hasn't quite grasped the sitting in a chair thing yet. At least not in one that is super wide or without a tray. 

He sat between us for about 5 minutes. 

We went back to James and Diana's for dessert and we, being myself and Diana, decided to have some fun with the kids. Amelia finally warmed up to us and Dominic and we made him her baby in her dolly stroller. 

Today we bought a jolly jumper with the frame because we don't have doorframes for it to attach to. I love it as does Dominic. But we didn't buy this until  after we left Deys friends house. Their names are Pam and Kyle and they have 3 kids under the age of 4. 1 girl and 2 boys, the girl being the oldest. The youngest boy ate chalk, the middle boy drew on himself with a marker and the little girl loved climbing on the fence. A family full of fun. You would think I wouldn't want many kids seeing how hectic they were but it made me want them even more!! Pam and Kyle are super nice and fun and I want to hang out more. 
I have had a surprisingly good weekend and I want there to be many more like this. I know that tomorrow is technically still the weekend but by the time we get out of church it's late and we can't do a whole lot. 
I love that summer is upon us. Let the good times roll! 

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