Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bunny Life

When I was younger I used to go to my brothers soccer games all the time. I remember going to one of his games and there were 2 girls there who appeared to have puppies on a leash, and then I realized it wasn't puppies, they were bunnies. That my friends is when my obsession began.
Growing up my parents never let us have pets, and no I don't count fish and either way if I did I didn't get fish until I was 21. So because I was living on my own again I really wanted a bunny because I wouldn't have to worry about taking him out for walks and what not.
So even though we lived in a "pet free" home our landlord let me get a bunny. We named him gustov and then nick named gus gus and then we called him something else but I cant remember, and then it turned into me calling him "bunny" because I just couldn't stick to a name. Michelle calls him George and Lyla called him fyad. I love this bunny. He is not like any other bunny, he is a lionhead rabbit and he has tons of personality. He has been a funny little guy and I love him.
When I got married Dey said that we would have to get rid of bunny and I said no. Then I got pregnant and I still said no. But then Dominic was born and I started to forget about feeding the rabbit and giving him fresh water. I don't pay enough attention to him and he needs lots of love and affection and unfortunately because I cannot give him that I have to get rid of him.
We have been trying to give him away for a few months now and there have been people interested but nothing serious has ever come about it. That is until now.
After being on kijiji for about a month or so some one messaged me about him and is coming by tonight to get him. It is sad to see him go and I have cried about it. I love this bunny and have had him for 2 years this coming weekend. This girl is 15 and saved all of her money (her words not mine) for this rabbit. Shes not taking his cage/accessories so she is getting him cheaper. I am hoping he is happy with her and he learns to love her and that she can spend a lot of time with him and get him used to people again.
I have gone through all of my pictures and uploaded them here

He used to be so little

This was his first real adventure out and about our home back when he could see.

He finally decided to like carrots

I always carried him like a little baby because it kept him calm, plus he was just too cute like this

We would have dates on my bed

His ears are my favorite part

He joined us for Christmas

Sometimes his fur would mat behind his ears and make him look like Alfa Alfa

He wasn't overly happy about getting a bath

He was scared from when we moved into our new place

He always tried to get his treats on top of the cage

He thought that he could hide from me in the little box

He served as our Easter Bunny this year

Friends from afar

One last hang.

Now that he is leaving I want another pet. I want a kitten but who knows if that will ever happen. Until then I will forever remember my very first pet, my very first baby. I love you Bunny!

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