Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crafting Up a Storm

Since I have had Dominic I haven't been getting out much and so I have been stuck inside doing nothing. I started baking because it is something I never really did before and thought I would give it a try. Well, then I was baking and eating everything all the time and that just isn't good for my waist line. I wont lose weight by eating cookies all day.
I decided to look online and see what things I could do at home and I came across some crafts that would be easy to do.
So I went to Walmart and bought supplies.

Now I'm sure if someone else did this vase it would look so much better because I'm not the best at crafting, but I try.

I decided that doing these glasses would be fun, and then I realize we will always have to use straws to drink out of them or else we would have sparkles in our mouths.

I saw this online and I wanted to do it. Now the one I saw was way better than mine but, hey at least I'm doing something.

I made these mugs as well. One says "The Riveras est. 2013" and the other says "Live. Laugh. Love"

I did this giant D and I love it! I want to get something else to put on it, like a little sail boat or something but for right now this is what I have done.

There are more at home crafts that I want to do but I just don't have the supplies yet, and well it cost money to make things.
Either way no matter what I do its costing me money or my waist. But man am I happy I am doing these things. Maybe one day I will be so crafty and bake all the time.
Just Call me Martha!

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