Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Life is Changing

When I was pregnant I gained some weight. Yes you are supposed to gain weight, but I gained more than what was "normal/expected" of me. Since giving birth I dropped about 30lbs within 3 weeks which is to be expected.
It took me a little while to get motivated to lose weight because of the C-section so it was harder and because I just didn't feel comfortable/confident to do anything.
Now that I am starting to feel better about myself I've been working on getting fit and trying to lose some more weight, mostly because according to my doctor I was overweight before I even got pregnant... stupid butt head.
I started off doing the 30 day squat challenge and by the end of it I could totally see a difference. My tushy doesn't look as bad as before.

Now that the squat challenge is done I'm working on the 30 day AB challenge. I need to work on getting my stomach down. Maybe when this is done I will be able to fit more comfortably in my old clothes... mostly my pants. I am trying to not have to buy any pants because I have like 6 pairs of jeans/pants that I really like and I don't want to get rid of. 

Since the weather has been nicer.... well some days its been nicer, right now we have been cold and getting snow... thank you mother nature for impeding my walking time.... I've been trying to go out and walk even if its only a short distance. I love the sunshine and the fresh air and so does Dominic.

Lately Dominic has been fussing a lot more frequently and especially when in public settings like church. I have a carrier which is AWESOME for when we go out for a walk and I don't want to push a stroller around. Dey really likes the carrier as well.
The other day I was reading my friend Katherine's blog about her flying to Halifax and that her mother in law made her a carrier that is similar to the "Moby Wrap" and how well it worked. I was intrigued so I looked up what it was because I had no idea, and then I decided to make one myself. I decided that I would use this one for church because its not as bulky as our other one and because I got a nice fabric that will look fancier with my church clothes.

Dominic fell asleep in it pretty quickly and I was able to finish making my no back energy balls in the kitchen. It is also really comfortable to sit down with.
Now we will still be using our other carrier as well because its great and you can put it on your back once he gets a little bigger and like I said, Dey really loves it!!
I need to occupy myself with other things than just baking because it really isn't helping me lose weight!
I'm thinking because the fabric store is so close to my house I'm going to have to start making more things, which means I might just have to get a sewing machine as well.
Look at me being all domesticated... who would have thought?

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