Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I miss,,,

Im sitting here watching my tv boyfriend, bachelor Brad, and im thinking about the things that i miss...
here are 10:

1.writting consistantly (blogging excluded) (i can hear you all gasping!)
3.not waking up at 5am
4.reading books. i have like ten BILLION just sitting in my room unopened.
5.having a life on a regular basis blackberry curve... stupid telus! brother jeremy
8.the mountains grammie
10. my bestfriend/sister cortney!!

if i could have all the things that i wanted or missed then life would be a much happier place.
but for now i am grateful for the things that i DO have and for the people that are in it, even if it means i get hurt on occassion.

1 comment:

Laura Beth said...

I'm sorry if I made you say by not coming over. I have spent my night doing homework and fighting with the airlines... and Jennifer is on her way :)

I am your biggest fan! Don't you forget that!