Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Bang Bang BOOM!"

So lets talk about my day shall we?
Well.... my day started off a little earlier than expected...
How early?? MIDNIGHT!
i was not a happy camper.
i woke with a pounding in my mouth and tears rolling down my face.
Lets go back a little while, like 6 months or so.
It all started when i realized that my back molar had a bit of a crack on the top of it. i didnt care because it wasnt hurting at all and it wasnt that big, and well i dont have health insurance so i thought i would wait and see what i could do. Basically, i was testing fate, and well it bit me right in the butt... or should i say tooth!
So there had been zero issues with this tooth, except that food would get stuck and i would have to dig it out, and occasionally i would have a bit of pressure when i bit down on something wrong, but other than that everything was great.
Well, these last few days i have had a little bit of pain here or there but nothing bad or for too long.
Then last night... WABAAAM!! bring on the pain!
So i had to work this morning at 6 and my tooth was aching the entire time i was there... and im talking unreal unbareable pain. it was so bad that my manager told me to punch out and go upstairs to the dentist and get them to fix it because i didnt want it to be absces.
Lucky for me i am a patient at the mic mac dental (well lucky for me today) and so i went up and they take walk ins, also my dentist wasnt there either... both of these are a plus because i HATE my dentist, but thats another story. Then i asked the dreaded question, "do you do payment plans?" remember, i dont have any insurance... the receptonist responded "no. sorry we dont. all you can do is go to a walk in clinic and they will give you something for the pain and then you can come back when you can afford to pay."
I obviously left crying and called my mother immediately! I also went back down to work with tears spilling out of my eyes.
My mom called the dentist and gave them her credit card number so that she could pay for my tooth and i could pay her back.
Well i went back up and they took an x-ray, the dentist comes in takes a 2 minute look and says "here are your options: 1.root canal or 2.extraction" I am already at this point worked up and emotional and having an anxiety attack and him saying this wasnt making it any easier. I got really scared and started to cry again. (I guess i should probably mention that i am TERRIFIED of needles and the dentist.)
Come to find out, he wasnt going to do it for me right then. I had to make an appointment with my own dentist.
So i made an appointment, and a different receptionist asked what i was planning on doing and i said i wasnt sure. She told me to go for the root canal and i proceeded to ask her the other dreaded question : "How much will it cost?"
ROOT CANAL: minimum of 600$. NOT including the filling or cap.
Extraction: 107$-250$
Friday at 5:10pm i will be back in the dentist's chair freaking out and having my tooth pulled.
Until then, these are supposed to be my new BFF

This is my Penicillin. I have an infection which is causing the pain. I have to take one every 6 hours until they are gone. I am not so patiently waiting for the 6 hours to be up because I AM DYING RIGHT NOW!!!

Lets keep our fingers crossed that this kicks in soon because i do not need another wake up call in the middle of the night. I very much enjoy my sleep and would like to get some tonight.

Dear Molar, YOU SUCK!

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The Full Nelson said...

I used to work at Blue Cross so I am familiar with those dentists. Good luck with the extraction...if it's a back tooth that's the way to go!