Sunday, February 6, 2011

"How could you just walk on by..."

Ok.. So i was going through some old things the other day and came across these old pictures! there are many memories attacted to them, both good and bad, and i just think that they are too funny!

This is me and karen at my first year of girls camp! I was 12! That was almost 12 years ago. I cannot get over how young i look. She was my pixie pal and i loved her! she was the best one i ever had... no offence to the others. I still have that teddy bear and his name is Mr. Fuffy... no i didnt mispell it, theres not supposed to be an "l"

This was my first dance! My hair is soooo long and its also curly! I had a perm back then. If that boy looks familiar its because he is someone that most of you know... it's PETER SMITH!!! Yes i had to make it bold because this really was a blast from the past. Peter was the boy i "Loved" when i was a teenager. He was my first real kiss and you never forget your first kiss.

This one is a little more recent. Its about 2 years old. Laura and i were going to a bonfire at the smiths one sunday, and she decided to bring some of her friends along... Stephen, Ryan, and Kristo. I would like to think of them as my friends too, because lets face it... a girl can never have too many! They always make me laugh and i enjoy talking to them... well i talk to one more than the others, but thats a different story that i probably wont get into for fear of the eye roll from the dear laura! haha
Another blast from the past is the lyrics that i found that a few of us girls wrote at girlscamp either my last year or the year i crashed. They go to the tune of LOVE by dear old frank... you know the one... well here are the lyrics!
B is for the boys who dont like me
O if for the obnoxious way they pee
Y is your so crazy, I want to have your baby
S is so very long that I'll be waiting while you're gone
now boys are more than just a waste of time
boys are all thats on vanessas mind
boys in life can make it
I want you and im not taken
so boys were made for girls like us!
Well... this entry is going to be a bit longer than most.
i've had a few things on my mind lately and those things are REGRETS!
I know you all have them too, and that makes me feel better about myself.
here are just a few to name off:
1. Stupid things i've done. Now i hate that i made these choices but i have learned so much from them. They have changed me for better, and gave me a better understanding of the atonement.
2. I regret dropping out of school. Yes i said it... I regret not finishing my degree... the reasons why i regret it is because this would have been my 4th year and would only have 1 more semester left (i didnt take enough courses to graduate in 4 years). I also regret it because it would mean that i would have done something with my life. Right now im scared that to a certain person i will just be blah! It scares me that i wont be good enough for anyone.
3.I regret deleting all of my old posts from the last 3 years. Mostly because i am IN LOVE with lauras blog books and it makes me wish i still had those posts so that i could do one too haha so if any of you figure it out then please fill me in!
4. Now this regret is a love and hate relationship... earlier i loved it but right now not so much! I regret eating too many mini eggs! haha
Do you have any regrets? please share!


Laura Beth said...

I regret nothing (I guess that something) because everything we ate this weekend was delicious and even though it seriously attacked my bowels on the way home and I almost died -- it was still delicious.

I didn't roll my eyes. Or maybe I did. I don't know because I don't even realize how often I do it.

I like that you posted old school pictures. Good call. You will have lovely blog books someday too. Maybe I'll buy your first one as a gift, or maybe I'll just make one all about us since we mostly just like ourselves anyway....

I would regret spending $14 on mini eggs more then eating them if I were you.

I still want sour cream and bacon chips.

Why didn't you mention how you had a big crush on one friend in that picture and now you've swapped crushes? oh and that another boy kissed the window and your cheek on the same night. Was that a secret? woops.

I could comment all day but that's all you get for now you anonymous NOTE writer.

Laura Beth said...

Just kidding. I couldn't remember the last thing I wanted to comment about so I posted that and went back to re-read. Um, who are you worried about not being good enough for me? As long as you feed me I'll always keep you. Degree or no degree. hahaa.. but seriously, you are a silly goose. You should be more worried that there is noone good enough for you because the boy situation SUCKS incase you haven't noticed.....