Monday, February 21, 2011

Story Time

Once upon a time....

it was a saturday evening, and like all other saturday evenings 2 best friends were having a slumber.
one of these girls needed to bake some cupcakes so the 2 of them decided to move their evening into the kitchen.
the one girl (not making the cupcakes) did not want to sit on the hard chairs anymore, so they decided to take the couch pillows instead.
as they removed the pillows from the couch they were surprised to find...


as the 2 girls took a closer look they saw that this little dino had quite the adventure around the couch.

it had appeared that he was traveling around the couch to eat the crumbs some little children had shoved in there for who knows how long...

these crumbs looked like bird seeds but the dino, who i call bob, loved them very much.

he ate pile upon pile...

and this was his end goal... to eat all the seeds in the couch!
The End!

is he still there?
I really do not know.
Maybe the little children have left something other than bird seeds for our dear friend bob.
who knows!?

1 comment:

Laura Beth said...

1. copycat, storytime, pft, ha.
2. clearly you eat too much candy. it's dinoSAUR not sour
3. georgia rejoiced when they found him today. the crumbs are gone. oh and i think he said his name was justin bieber... he likes to be called the biebs.