Monday, February 28, 2011

Boys, this one is for YOU!

The what NOT's to do!
1. Dont tell her bestfriend that you like her (the bff will def tell the girl)
2. Dont hold her hand & kiss it
3. Dont kiss her forehead
4. Dont kiss her then proceed to throw up
5. Dont text her everyday
6. Dont make plans weeks in advance just to blow her off
7. Dont blow her off EVER!
8. Dont make plans then try to back out
9. Dont have her pick you up for the movies
10. Dont tell her when you get there that you arent going to pay, and when she says "I didnt ask you to" say "good!"
11. While at the movie DO NOT text your ex girlfriend.
12. Do not run out of the car when she drops you off because when you say "Im sure i will be talking to you later" and she says "maybe", she really means YOU SUCK!
Now boys... dont do any of this if you like a girl.
If you like her then slowly decide that its best to not persue it then just cut it off. preferably before the vomitting!

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Laura Beth said...

Bahahaha... the best.