Sunday, September 21, 2014

Greyson J

On September 11th 2014 I became an aunt for the second time. It is however my first time being an aunt to a nephew... well, not really as Deys sister has a son as well, but in the sense that its a blood relative. My oldest brother Jeremy and his wife Kim had their son. She was due on September 22nd but went a little early and I couldn't be happier because, well, I LOVE babies.
I asked a few questions and honestly her labor is one for the books in the way that it is envious. I guess when they were done Kim goes "that wasn't that bad at all.... we better not tell Vanessa." haha I am jealous of her quick and easy labor but I am more overjoyed that they now have a little baby as well.
His name is Greyson J Blakeney. No the J doesn't stand for anything at all other than he is a product of my brother.
Once we heard that he was born I immediately wanted to head up to Edmonton, like they did for us when Dominic was born, but due to Deys already booked week we had to wait until this weekend and boy oh boy was it worth the wait.
We got there and I immediately went over to his mamroo swing and picked him up. I didn't get to hold him long because he was hungry but I was super happy. He is so much smaller than I ever remember Dominic being and he for sure has a smaller head than Dominic did... and not in a bad way. His head is normal size, Dominic has always had a bigger head thanks to me!
Greyson spent most of his time in the swing while we were there and I didn't get to hold him much but when I did I was in heaven. I am pretty sure my uterus skipped a beat haha
Dominic was a crank for most of the weekend so little to no sleep was had for me and I didn't get to spend as much time holding Greyson because it seemed like the moment I got him Dominic got into something and freaked out. I did get to take a few pictures.

Just hanging out

He always sleeps with his hands up by his head


I had to manipulate his feet like this because he kept tucking the one into the pant leg of the other

Cousins!!! Such a size difference and so weird to see something so small next to Dominic that isn't a toy.

Sleeping in the car... It didn't last long. Greyson let out a cry and it woke Dominic who freaked out for a good 15 minutes.... That's how the weekend went.

The only time I got to hold him for longer than 5 minutes... so about 10.

Hes wearing the outfit we gave him before church this morning.

His eyes were rarely open so when they were right before we left I had to take advantage and get a picture.

I am so happy that I got to see him this small because the next time we see them will be when they are driving through to say goodbye as they will be heading back to Utah in 4-6 weeks. Honestly I am so sad by this and it has me wondering why we are even in Calgary anymore. I am not ready to say goodbye yet, but at the same time I am. Hopefully Dey will fall MADLY in love with NS and we make our way back there... but who knows.

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