Monday, September 22, 2014

A Test of Faith

I never really understood what it meant to have your faith  really tested but these past few months have been the biggest test of all and honestly, if I didn't have a testimony of the church then what we have gone through would be enough for me to never go back again.
In October we went to the bishop letting him know of our plan to get sealed in the temple this summer once our year mark was up. (we got married civilly so we had to wait a year)
You would think that as a bishop in a church where getting people to the temple and making families eternal that you would be pro-active and get everything ready so that way when we got to the year mark it would be a quick and relatively painless process. This has not been the case.
When the year was up and we went to the bishop to get things started he said that he would look into it. Then as each week passed and we asked him again he would say the same thing or would be on vacation. Finally he was back and when we went to him again he told us he didn't even know where to find the information needed for us. We were pretty frustrated at this point. So when Dey went to renew his temple recommend he asked the member of the stake about the information and he assured him that he would give the bishop that information on the following Tuesday which was only 2 days away. He did indeed do this and that Sunday the bishop gave Dey the template needed for his letter and assured him that he would express post the template to his ex so she could write her letter as well (the bishop already spoke with her on the phone at this point and she agreed to write it).
So Dey wrote his letter and gave it to the bishop. Every week we would ask the bishop about it and he would say that he hasn't even read the letter yet. Finally, 3 weeks later, the bishop read the letter only to tell Dey that it wasn't good enough that he needed to write it again. I hit a breaking point and emailed the stake president and assured him that I understood that the bishop is a busy man and I respect him and his calling but that it felt like our request has fallen on deaf ears and that we have just been set aside and will be dealt with whenever they get to it and that for a church so focused on temples and families being eternal it didn't seem like we were priority. The stake president only emailed me back to tell me that the bishop was called of god and busy and to be patient. Yeah, not impressed either with that.
So this week when Dey talked to the bishop he told him that because his ex was willing to write the letter and she has told him she was busy but would write it last week that the stake president said we are going to wait for her letter... this is ridiculous because its been over a month now since the bishop express posted her form to her and we haven't heard back, and we don't really need her letter; its just a formality type thing. Then the bishop told Dey that he is away this week and wont be able to check his mail and we need an interview with the stake president and hes away until general conference.
I have hit my breaking point I think and so has my mom. She wants to go to higher up to get this moving, especially because they just had someone in their stake get their clearance in 4 weeks. We also have friends who got theirs that quick as well and live in the city. I want to change stakes because it seems like it will actually get done.
I love this church, but right now I am not loving the people called into their authoritative positions. I am getting upset and sad and we are running out of time, and they all know this. My hopes and dreams of getting home before I go back to work are looking slim and I don't have vacation time at work to use to go home until next summer. I think what else is really frustrating is that I wanted to go home in May but didn't think I would be able to afford 2 trips home so close together. Now looking back at it I could have and I could have seen my grampie one last time before he passed away.
Again, this is a major test of faith for me and it isn't an easy thing to go through.
Now if anyone knows someone who is going to get a sealing clearance tell them to be on it and to be sure their bishop knows what they are doing.
I guess for me, I am asking for all the thoughts and prayers to be headed our way so we can make this EXTREMELY important dream a reality before the time is up.

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