Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Year Olds

I FINALLY got a calling the other week and it was in primary. I actually wanted this calling. I signed up to be a sub a couple weeks back because they have such an issue keeping people and having people available to teach so I thought what the heck!? So then I hinted at the bishop that I would love to be there and then 4 days later I got the calling. Who says lobbying for a calling in the church doesn't work!? haha
Yesterday was my first sunday there and I have the 5 year olds. Soon to be 4 year olds once January gets here, which means odds are I wont have any kids most weeks because the 3 year olds right now barely show up.
So I have 8 kids if they all show up but one family is less active, and so yesterday I had 7. It is the biggest class in primary right now. I love it.
I have Julia, Vienna, Eli, Levi, Eric, Severin and Jacob. Julia is my eager beaver who volunteers for everything and I love it! And then Vienna is her best friend who doesn't do a whole let just yet, Eli, Eric and Levi are the typical rowdy boys, Severin doesn't say a word, EVER, and then Jacob. Jacob I learned towards the end of the class that he is special needs. My heart melted immediately when I figured this out. I have always had such a soft spot for special needs kids since I was a kid myself. Sometimes I even catch myself crying when I see them sad. He is so well behaved and I can tell he is just so sweet and I think he will be the saddest for me to say goodbye to.
I feel blessed that I get this class and I am loving it already. I don't like the unpadded chairs that they have us sitting on because my tailbone has never been the same since getting pregnant with Dominic. I might end up bringing a pillow to sit on or something.
I do miss Dominic for the 2 hours because Dey takes him to young mens with him, but it makes the end of church that much more sweet because I get my baby back.
Again, I am in love with this calling and I cant wait for sunday to get here so I can see all my kids again!

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