Wednesday, September 24, 2014

8 Months Old

It is seriously so hard to believe that Dominic is 8 months old already. As excited as I am for him to continue growing, I am getting more sad that his 1st birthday is vastly approaching and it means that my baby really wont be a baby anymore.
He is, in my opinion, not catching on to things as quickly as I would like, but I think that's because he finds people waving and talking so fun and entertaining that he worries we will stop what we are doing if he did it back to us.
Also, another thing that has been super slow for him is his darn teeth! As we have all heard me talk about before, he is still toothless and in a lot of pain some days. I can see the outline of his bottom teeth and his gums are swollen and have many bumps, but the next day it will be fine and this has been the routine for months now. It gets hard on the days when he is having a hard day and is in pain and there is nothing I can do for him. Not even nursing will help.
He can get on his knees but doesn't like to stay on them long enough to figure out he can crawl better that way instead of his army crawl/dragging he does.
He can also pull himself up from a sitting position if he can get a grip on something sturdy and strong enough to support his weight.
He is getting into everything and following me and Dey around the house. He also is starting to learn to come to me when I put my arms out for him to crawl over to me for me to pick him up.
He doesn't wave, although I know he is trying so hard to do it, but again I think its because he finds waving funny to look at. He also says mama dada baba nana and he tried to say yes when I repeatedly say is, its more of a hissing sound he makes afterwards.
He is feeding himself his Gerber Puffs and he is eating so much now. I am amazed at his growth and the fact that he still finds ways to smile every day, even if I have to force him to smile on the crappy days.
He has his first boy cousin on my side of the family, and it is the first cousin he has met and he didn't really know what to think of him but went on his merry way.
He loves dogs, and to me this is enough of a reason to get a dog. However, we would need a newer and bigger place... which we want to get here soon anyway, preferably in our current ward.
Dominic is growing and weighs about 19.4lbs and is about 27 inches long. He hasn't been in 3-6 month clothes for a few weeks now and is wearing 6-9 months or 6-12 depending on the store and how their sizes work. I finally packed all his 3-6 month clothes away and it has made me realize he doesn't have a lot of clothes for this stage in life and so I should go shopping. I also want a newer bigger dresser that matches his crib so I can fit clothes better.
We have started our swim classes today and its great getting out of the house and actually doing something that isn't just going to walmart.
We also bought his next car seat today and even though he hasn't surpassed and the height and weight requirements he is however getting big and we might as well get the car seat now when its 100$ off then wait until later, and it wont hurt him to get out of his bucket seat.

His new thing is eating clothes.

He ironically is obsessed with the foam 8 from our numbers play foam mats.

Baby is getting big and growing so much. He has learned to give kisses and high fives. I don't know what else I could ask for, besides teeth, at this point, but boy do I love him!

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