Saturday, March 5, 2011


I woke up this morning and i have a cold... BOOO!
But this, however, isnt the type of sick i've been wanting to talk about...


Earlier this week i went to the movie i SWORE i would never go see.
if you look at lauras and my hoodies and you have seen the movie, then you may think that they look rather familiar...
yes, they are Justin Bieber hoodies.
yes, i also want to go get the gray one as well.
When the movie first started i really had no real attatchment to it. it just wasnt that appealing.
and then it showed him in concert singing One Time and it won be over.
I can say that that was the moment when it all changed for me haha
He is just too cute... and no I dont mean in the way all the little teeny boppers see him. He is just something else.
Scooter Braun and that other guy (who i cannot remember his name for the life of me but he rapped about Omaha mall) however, HELLO!
I am also going to NSN3D again on monday with my friend megan and i cannot wait.
me and the biebs are bff's, ive decided!
For all of you who think you are too good or cool to see this film and say that you wont ever see it...



Laura Beth said...

I kind of want to smack you for this post and say, I told you so. Can you just admit I was right already? You sound almost as sick as me. JB is the bomb.

By the way, you shouldn't swear... it's bad. ha.

Karen Bing said...

I am so glad that we share the fever... It's a food one to have and it makes me HAPPY!! I am jealous of those hoodies and need to get one soon... If I get Laura a cut out of him you'll have to come for some picture fun!! It was a FUN night I am glad you got to come enjoy with us crazy girls!!