Saturday, March 19, 2011

look away if you dont like gross toes

today was my short shift at work: 8:30 - 1:00. i was pretty happy that i would get to go to bed early because i really havent slept much at all this week.
well im at work, you know doing my thing, and i was asked to check out back in what we call our high density shelving units (HDS) for some shirts.
at the end of each HDS there are grid like panels that can have hooks on them. so on a few of them there are hooks holding up a bunch of callapsable metal rolling racks.
so to make a long story short, i moved the HDS (cause they move so that we can store product on a million different sides) and a rolling rack fell off its hook. i then proceed to put it back up but when i did it came crashing down with the sharper side smashing on my foot. OUCH!!
i look at my shoe and it has a circular indent from the rack because it fell a good 2 feet really fasta nd hard.
here are my thoughts when this moment happened:
1. $^%@&^
2. ohh the pain
3. my shoe has an indent!?
4. maybe i should take it off
5. dont think anythings wrong, but lets take off the sock just to make sure
7. leave shoe and sock on floor and walk to the bandaids
8. too much pain. must sit down. hold toe tightly. make horse noises
9. walkie laura and ask her to come to the back.
so i wait for laura in pretty severe pain... for those of you who dont know me, my threshold for pain is rather weak haha especially if there is blood.
anyway i bandage it up and clean up the trail of blood i left behind me and get back to work.
so of course when i got home i had to take a picture so that i could document this for all the world to see...

so... thats my big toe. ugly i know.
the rack fell right where my cuttical is and cut through my shoe and sock without actually cutting either my shoe or sock. that just goes to show how hard it actually fell.
well... we think my toenail might fall off because of the fact that it probably disconnected my toenail right at the bottom.
if i lose my toe.. i will not be a happy camper at all.
so, thats the story of my toe.
off to bed i go!
good night!!!

ps- i was at angies tonight her their roommates cat is not used to her dogs because he just got here and well it was sitting in the chair with me and went to swat the dog and missed and got my toe pretty hard.
it is safe to say that any contact that is more than just a gentle graze of a sock, finger, or blanket, REALLY HURTS!!


Jackie O'Hearon said...

OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! That was horrid!!! Hope you're feeling better soon!!

Brandon and Jennifer said...

gross... ha. but really funny sorry!