Friday, March 11, 2011

My Challenge...

ok, so i know that we dont do the whole lent thing, but i thought that this year i would give it a try.
yes thats right, i am giving something up for the 40 days.
and no, it is not junk food/sweets!
that is what everyone says the moment i say im doing this.
but what ive decided to give up, is....
now this does not include going to the movies though.
for those of you who dont know me, entertainment, such as the ones forementioned, are pretty much my life!!!
i have a sick obsession.
i own approximately 300 movies, and 100 seasons.
so this is what im giving up!
wish me luck!!!!!

ok... onto other things.
my thoughts and prayers are with japan right now.
it sucks that they were hit with a tsunami.
tragedy's always make me sad. and whats even more sad, is that the west coast is on alert.
it worries me because it could happen here one day, and i live right by the water and i suck at swimming so i wouldnt survive.
people think that nothing bad can ever happen to us, but hey if the oceans plateletes shift enough it will cause an earthquake and could cause either a tsunami or a decent size tidal wave. (yes i somewhat listened in my geography class)
knowing what happened in japan made me think about all the things i am thankful for in my life.
it also made me worry about the ones i love because i know that i really cant do anything to protect them and it worries me that one day something might happen to them.

well.. i guess i should probably mention one other thing tonight.
today at work i hear over the walkies
"vanessa, theres a girl in the store with a justin bieber doll!"
i immediately start my hunt for set girl.
i find her.
she shows me the doll.
i contemplate going to Toys R Us to buy this doll.
i realize im crazy and should just ask for it for my birthday haha
so... consider this my first birthday item list.
you have until may 20th to buy it!!!

so... this is what i want.
the best part is the little girls grandma asked me what i thought of the biebs new hair cut.
yay for grandmas keeping up with the biebs!!!

well... happy friday to you all and wish me luck on working 7 days then off for 1 then work 4 then off 1 then who knows!!
i want to die!! haha but the money will be good!!


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ahlin said...

hahaha oh my gosh that is the best thing i've ever seen! i want one. so bad.