Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy week for me...

this week has been a pretty good week. now i dont normally admit to having one of those, but i will tell you the reasons why this week has just been oh so AWESOME!!!

1. i got my temple reccommend back!!!
2. havent had to work very much
3. my parents left today until the 11th of arpil!
4. i got paid today... even though i forgot that this was the last pay before the end of the month, which means student loan payments, i am quite happy with the amount that i got... even if i dont get to keep the majority of it.
5. i bribed laura with a movie date to see NEVER SAY NEVER one last time before they take it out of theatres.
6. i am off on friday now!
7. i have the house to myself and the car. (this kinda goes with #3, but its so great that it deserved its very own number)
so this week has been a great week even though its only wednesday!
i am happy!
hope you are all happy too!!!

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