Sunday, March 13, 2011

a blog FULL of complaints...

to start off i must state that i called my mom on friday and asked if she and my dad were going anywhere and if they were could they please drop off the car to me because it was cold and i didnt want to bus the hour and a half home... my mom said no!
this is a re-cap of how crappy my day was yesterday. yes i know that people dont like it when others complain, but thats too bad because i had a REALLY bad day yesterday and well, i wanted to write about it.
yesterday i had only 4 hours of sleep because i was having chest pain and i just couldnt seem to shake them and it kept me up for a while. i had to work at 11 which meant catching the bus at 9:30. i get upstairs to get something to drink before i left and my mom is sitting on the couch reading, and my dad is still in bed sleeping. i then realize that they dont have to work. i waited for my mom to say something like "hey take the car" but all she said was "i hope you have an umbrella!"
so from that im sure you can tell it was raining out. and well the rain doesnt bother me that much, as long as its not pouring out. when i stepped outside i noticed that it was doing a little more than just drizzling, but it wasnt too bad. i took the 10 steps from my door to the road and it started to rain cats and dogs and every other animal on noahs ark. to say the least, i was not impressed. here my mom was sitting in the living room and in my house you can hear and see the rain from where she was sitting and she didnt even move an inch (well if she did then it wasnt to come out and tell me she would drive me)
by the time i made it 5 houses down the street i was soaked. when i walked i could feel the water filling up in my shoes. my jeans were being dragged down because they were so wet.
well i get to the end of the street where i can see my bus stop (which is a ten minute walk away) and the bus drives by! so i then had to walk another 10 minutes to the other stop and wait in the rain for 7 minutes because there was no shelter, which i think is wrong. there should be a shelter at every stop because of days like these.
i get to work and i walk in and am PISSED BEYOND BELIEF!
i was cold and wet and mad and had been crying because i was so mad. i had to buy a new outfit. i got the cheapest thing i could get and that was a dress, a cardigan and flip flops. so i froze all day. the only good thing was, was that it only cost me 30$ but it was 30$ i didnt want to spend at all.
then while working this is what happened to me:
-> i said hello to a lady and she laughed in my face for no reason.
-> 2 ladys set a bunch of things down that they didnt want right in front of me so i turned, looked at them and went "excuse me!" as i picked up the things they so kindly dropped off.
-> i had to go to subway to buy a few gift cards for this thing we were doing and the girl let a million other people go before me when i was there first and played "guess which sub they got" so it took 10 times longer.
-> i waited in another line somewhere else for 15 minutes just for them to tell me they dont do giftcards.
-> i bit my lip rather hard
-> i burnt my hand washing them
im sure there were other things, but thats all i can remember. i was really mad yesterday and i didnt want to have to bus home. so my dear friend angie came and picked me up so that we could hang out afterwards. we thought about going to a movie, but we were too early for any of the shows so we went to walmart, where i almost bought a new tv because when im mad i like to spend money, but lucky for me no money was spent there.
we ended up going back to angies and just hanging out for a bit. it was the best part of my day.
now its sunday and i had to fight to have the car today so that i could go to church for sacrament and then go to work from 3-12... but i may not get out at 12, and i have to work at 9:30-6:30 tomorrow.... i cant wait for tomorrow to be over because i have tuesday off, and because tomorrow is the finale of the bachelor and laura and i have plans to watch it together... where i will eat tons and junk and get fat for the both of us... it brings on a whole new meaning to the saying "eating for two" haha
well heres to hoping today goes better than the last 2!

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Laura Beth said...

1. What if there weren't cats and dogs on Noah's arc? Noah will have some complaints for you homeslice!

2. I feel like if you bought a tv that would be borderline breaking your lent. It would be like tightrope walking on your lent actually because a tv practically falls under seasons and movies and crap. I'm surprised you didn't buy one.

3. I can only imagine your parents. Why didn't you ask them just to drive you? That could have impacted your day signicantly.

4. What does the dress look like?

5. At least your face doesn't look like mine.

6. At least you can eat. I'm ready to barf from drinking ensure.

7. I'm not constipated though. Phew. Count my blessings.

8. You best be bringing me Jones tomorrow. The least you can do is let me have something good to drink while you eat for both of us...thanks for that.

9. I look like a Simpson. Just sayin'

10. I moved my room :) ..totally wasn't supposed to but I did anyway. I'm such a rebel.