Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Think You've Guessed It...

So i've admitted that i have the bieber fever, and i have told laura that she was right when she said that i would love it.
I have already seen the movie twice, and am going for the third time tonight.
I can hear all you "non- beliebers" already saying "ARE YOU CRAZY!?"
And well, i am comfortable being weird and lame and possibly even stupid (acording to you that is), and all i have to say to you is
Just to clarify though, im not all like oooohhhhh justin bieber, like the teeny boppers are. I just appreciate his talent and his drive. I admire him.
Quite frankly, im jealous.
No, not jealous of his fame (although that is a perk), I am jealous that he is so talented and able to perform infront of people.
I play the piano and im terrified to let people hear me play.

My word of advice to all you BELIEBERS out there...
Go get his CDS!

Ok... onto other things that are not JB related...
As im sure you have all noticed, I have the little app thing that shows me where my readers come from, and I was SHOCKED today to see that there are people reading this from all over the world.
It makes me feel special and important haha
So Thank you too all those non canadian readers, and to my fellow canadians as well.
I dont write this for people to read but it does make it more worth my while.

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Just Rhonda said...

yeah I just CAN'T get into him! But good for you on embracing it :)