Friday, March 18, 2011

A night with NO sleep

lets start off by saying that yesterday i had to get up at 5am to be at work for 6am...
after work my friend angie wanted to hang out because her boyfriend and our other friends boyfriend were going out down town. i said that i would hang and eventually agreed to sleep at her house because we both worked at the same time today.
last night, aka this morning, between the hours of 3:30 & 5am i got about 1 hour of sleep IF THAT!
only having that little sleep is not a good thing for me, but i am happy that i did and i am happy that i stayed with angie because our friends boyfriend tried to drive home drunk. it was a really hard thing to deal with and it was scary. he got behind the wheel and actually started to drive home with me chasing him down the street in the cold wearing nothing on my feet but now wet socks screaming his name. begging him to come back. he did eventually come back and was safe. he was safe, but he was stupid.
it makes me grateful for the fact that i dont need alcohol to have a fun night, and that i am smarter than him because i would never do something so stupid as to get behind the wheel of a car if i ever did.
i am grateful for my friends and the support they give me, because as some of you know, i do stupid things some times and dont always make the right choices. ive, on occasion, have had many errors in judgment, but my true friends have stuck by me no matter what i decided to do in the end, and i love them for it.
i am happy that my life has more meaning to it than a bunch of random drunken nights thrown together over the course of lets say 8 years.
yes, ok, i may not lead a very exciting life, and i may only just hang with my friends at their houses talking or just watching tv with the occasional shopping trip, or expedition to the movies, but i know that my life will be a better one because of the choices i make to not drink.
my life is mine and i have control over the choices i make, as do all of you,
and i choose to live happily in all my soberness. even if it means spending nights at home alone. at least i know im being smart and safe.

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Laura Beth said...

I feel as though you should have added your random "tweet" about being legally drunk from no sleep. It was a good one. For entertainments sake!