Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Post.... With question at the end!

Yes, this is yetanother post from my phone because let's face it, my bed is more comfortable than the computer chair.
Remember when my credit card was paid off!? Well, so much for that because I was sooo poor that I had to use it. Multiple times.... Eeeek! So now its back to paying it off. I really wouldn't have used it if I hadn't of had a birthday weekend without working, and then my knee went crazy so that meant more time off. Hence the credit card swipage.

So... I need some new music for my ipod, so I am asking all of you... What are some good songs to download!?
Good evening peeps!!


Melissa said...

Two Door Cinema Club
Ke$ha (yes I'm slightly embarrassed but her songs are really catchy)

MamaSmith said...

Anything Bon Jovi -"ish"