Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday...

This morning I got to wake up earlier than I really wanted to because today was the day that I got to go see Dr. Vanougalpal (don't ask me if thats the correct spelling because I have no sweet clue.) It was my first time going to see an orthopedic surgeon and well I was a little anxious, because I dont go to the doctors that often and they always make me nervous and I have this fear that they aren't going to believe me. Well, this lady came into my room and she was holding a needle and filling it with someone and for those who don't know me that well, NEEDLES ARE MY BIGGEST FEAR! I literally jumped back and went "Is that for me!?" Pure terror on my face and in my voice and I think she realized because she immediately vacated the room. My heart was pounding sooo hard!
Dr.V (thats what Im calling him) sent me off to x-rays where I was lucky enough to have my first real x-ray done by none other than LAURA!! It was pretty cool. I was also her first patient to actually say something to her. Laura was a great x-ray tech although her fingers were EXTREMELY cold.

When I went back to the room to see Dr.V they pulled my x-rays up on the computer screen and well I took a pic with my phone while no one was watching. Its not the best quality but hey, I had to have proof because Ive never had an x-ray done before except at the dentist but that doesnt really count.

Also when I got back to the room they made me put on a hospital gown, which I also have never had to do before. Let me tell you, they are no fun... they are kinda breezy!

So the verdict of my poor knee is that I have tendonitis and my knee is twisting inward but needs to be twisting outward so I have to see a physiotherapist and do a million different types of stretches and also have to ice my knee 4 times a day. Not to mention that I have to re-train my knee to walk a different way. Sooo not an easy thing to do thats for sure. It is taking A LOT of focus and it just makes me look funny.

This evening for dinner I took my momma out to East Side Marios for her mothers day gift. Yes I know it's a little late but thats because I never really have had the time or the money to take her out. But alas it was good time. I ordered the Cheese Capalletti, which Laura introduced me to (wow laura you are getting a lot of shout outs in my entries lately). Our server also thought that my mom was my older sister. Funny I know! I thought that only really happened in movies when guys hit on the girls. But apparently sometimes movies aren't always ficticious, and well the server was a girl, so dad you can rest peacefully knowing that no one was hitting on or trying to pick up my mother. If they did I probably would've asked "Why her and not me!? I'm only 23 and she's 49!!" haha

Well, one last thing. My camera broke. Which is kinda nice because I wanted a knew one, aka a better one, but I didnt want to hurt my parents feelings over it because they bought me my current one 2.5 years ago, but it kinda sucks. It doesnt even pick up sound for videos. So since my parents haven't gotten me anything for my birthday yet, they are going to chip in with my new camera and I have a possibilty of 2 that I want. So I can't wait to get it because I have a trip coming up next month and a concert that Im going to and will NEED to take pictures!

So this will be it for today. Its off to bed seeing that I have to work in the AM tomorrow, very early AM that is, and well I didnt sleep well last night so I need sleep tonight.
So farewell my dear people of blog world and goodnight!


Laura O'Hearon said...

I rock your socks. Just admit it. I'm glad you were my patient today. You were my most favorite patient in the whole wide world (and that says a lot. I've had some pretty hot ones.. haha) Glad your not going to have to get chopped open. You should post pictures of what cameras your looking at.. loveeee you.

Laura O'Hearon said...

ok... GROSS. Not you... I HATE knees. Ask Laura... make me sick.

Brandon and Jennifer said...

Ok Im a retard. I was on Laura's blog. hahahaha but my comment still stands. I hate knees. hahaha