Sunday, June 6, 2010

Posting from my phone...

So I'm posting from my phone because I don't want to get out of bed and go to the computer.
So today I had to take the bus to church and while I was waiting I saw this really cool looking jeep and as he drove by I noticed that it was an austrailian kind of jeep, meaning that the steering wheel was on the righthand side. I was instantly in love! When we were leaving the passage I also saw a nun running to church. Yes there are nuns and munks in eastern passage and seeing the nun made me grateful for the fact that I get to wear whatever I want to church instead of an atire I have to wear.
As I got to church I got more and more anxious because I knew that there woiuld be an old "friend" who would be there. We hadn't seen each other since his birthday in december and well seeing him brought back a lot of feelings that I didn't expect to feel. It also sucked because I went to his house for dinner and I got this vibe that he hated me so I called him out on it via text messaging because he vacated the room and went upstairs. Well, he said he didn't hate me, but he still wouldn't really talk to me. I was on the verge of tears all night because all I wanted to do was run up to him and not let him go. Too bad he's apparently got a girlfriend now.
Overall today was not the day I wanted it to be and I still just want to tell him straight up how I'm feeling, but its not in me to do such things.
So, to all of you bloggers out there, I beseech thee, and ask: should I just man up and tell him? Or do I sit back and hope that he might still have feelings for me too?
Please please PLEASE let me know!

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