Saturday, June 5, 2010


So far so good... post #2 from me! Laura are you proud?

People today bug me. Why do they bug me? Well let me tell you the reasons why.
Reason #1: People smoking in a non smoking area right where I happen to be standing. Sorry people, but I prefer my lungs to remain clear and not be black.
Reason #2: People pushing past not only myself, but a little old lady while trying to get on the bus (yes i take the bus, don't judge.) This stupid girl pushed past everyone in front of her, probably because it was raining, but guess what.. we were all being rained on and that little old lady had a cane!
Reason #3: The pushy girl had friends who got on the bus and they were taking up the seats by the front of the bus, and a lady got on the bus with a stroller and her son and none of them would get up and give her a seat! The lady had to stand the whole way.

Today I am just not in a people kind of mood. Work sucked because well, because I had to be there.
It also didn't help that I had to walk home, which is an issue because I really can't walk that well, and to top it all off IT WAS RAINING! So walking home was not fun or quick OR dry.

There is one good thing about today, and that is that I get to have monday off so I can go see an orthopedic surgeon about my knee and hopefully get it fixed!

Well... for now this is it!

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Laura O'Hearon said...

yes, i am proud.. perhaps i'll throw a little advertisement so blog world knows your back... i dont think its a known thing yet... also, ortho surgeon? there is a hot one who works at the QEII. his name is chad coles.. you should get him to operate on you... unfortunately hes married, so dont try any pick up lines ha... love you. feel better.