Friday, July 23, 2010


On Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 12:30pm mountain standard time, I Vanessa was reunited with my bestest friend of all time after 2 and a half years! It was an awesome reunion in the edmonton international airport.
Let me start back where the story begins... about 4 months ago I bought my plane ticket, round trip for 26 days, for 407$ with tax! so that was pretty awesome! from that point the countdown began, and people thought I was crazy for counting down so soon when I still had 4 months to go. but I didnt care at all! I was ubber excited to see cortney after sooo long!
Well the 4 months went by pretty quickly, although at the time it didnt seem that time was moving at all.
Tuesday night I went to a party for a friend of mine who I work with named tresa whos from ireland and was going back there soon. There were a lot of co-workers there and well yes some were drinking, and some were not... I clearly was apart of the not drinking crew... but heres the thing... I get a little strange when people around me are drinking, like I get more hyper for some reason, and do strange things... like KISS A BOY WHO I WORK WITH! Heres the other thing... I'm his supervisor.... WOOPS!
Once I got home I immediately started to pack, because I hadnt done that yet and was leaving at 6:30am for the airport. so I packed and then I was on the computer where I ended up talking for hours with james baker, and there ended up being a proposal and a kiss via internet hahaha it was rather interesting thats for sure... I'm not complaining in any way hahaha he's cute!
Well I slept for about an hour after being up for 23 hours, and then headed to the airport where the check in lady was sooooo slow and stupid that my dad was waiting for me to check in, even though I told him to leave multiple times, got a parking ticket for parking ilegally! yup! barry did a no no at the airport!
so I took off and for the first hour and a half I had no one sitting next to me, and I prayed that when we stopped in montreal to pick up more passengers that I would still be sitting alone... NOPE! I got stuck next to a old french married couple who kept giving me dirty looks!! I think it was because I was next to the window and they werent!
I did fall asleep on the plane for a bit... with my mouth wide open I might add... I woke myself up a few times because my mouth got dry and I couldnt breathe! haha I know, it was pretty attractive!
So we finally land in edmonton, and we are on time and we go to get off the plane but for some reason no one is vacating the area... we wait and we wait and then 20 minutes later the flight attendant says over the PA system "sorry for the wait, but the customer service representative is having some difficulties connecting the plane to the gate." SERIOUSLY!!! isnt that youre job, and havent you done it like a 1000 times already! freak!! I was sooo not impressed! mostly because I had to pee really bad!
so I got off the plane and went to the bathroom and then practically ran down the stairs, and through the rather slow automatic doors (I helped open them because they were sooooo slow) it was like a scene straight out of the movies where one person dropps their luggage and runs to the person running at them and give each other the biggest hug of all time!!!! it was awesome!!! Im sooo happy I get to spend time with my best friend!!!
DAY 1: we went to ikea for lunch when I got off the plane, and then corty had to go back to work, so we dropped her off, and then I went back to their place and fell asleep from 3pm-9pm! I was sleepy! haha we then went to the movies with cortys brother skyler. we saw inception! it was pretty good. at first I was a little bored with it, but then I started to really enjoy it. I dont think its as amazing as people are saying, but its still pretty cool and good... I might buy it one day! haha after the movie we came back home and it was 1am but we talked for about an hour and then went to sleep.
DAY 2: corty went to work and I went shopping with sheila! lets just say I spent more than I thought I would, but when its only 5% tax vs 15% youve gotta take advantage. plus there are stores here that we dont have back home so I had to buy things. but my shopping days are done! I seriously spent 5 hours at the mall... it was pretty crazy!
corty came and got me from the mall and then we went home and got ready to hang out with skyler and shaun (the firefighter shes sorta seeing) we went to dinner which was a scene all on its own! it was pretty awesome! we came home and went to sleep after.
today is day 3 and so far Ive gotten woken up with a text from my friend taylor saying that shes eating my ice cream cake that I left at work, and I said ok and now thats all I want! Its only 9:30am here and I am wide awake and ready for the day to begin. So far I dont have plans until tonight when Im going on a date. HOLLA! haha

during this whole thing though, and for the past few weeks Ive really missed my best friend laura! I cannot wait to see her the day I get back!! I love her!

until next time, and Im sure while Im here there will be a next time, audios!

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