Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 3: Blind Date Disaster!

Day 3 brought on some interesting things thats for sure. I got to watch carli wash their dog dolly.. and well dolly did not enjoy that at all! it made for a good laugh thats for sure!
well, on to the date disater.. cort set me up with some guy and she was going to go with his friend. well the friend, robbie, showed up to get us and well my date brock wasnt off work yet so he was going to meet us at the party... well he came to the party but that girl who hes kinda dating was there as well.. so I got an introduction and that was about it! I didnt even leave with him. I left with other friends and we hung out and had some fun. I forgot how much I loved it here and just going to parties and hanging out with friends like this. not that I dont like hanging with friends back home, but lets face it, I dont have very many friends back home who will go out and go to parties and do stupid random things.
So the blind date was a disaster but it turned out better as the night went on and I got to see other people I havent seen yet. I didnt get home until 3am and fell asleep at 4am and got up at 6am. surprisingly Im not even tired.
Today I am going to skylers rugby game and then going to capital ex and then to the taste of edmonton. cant wait to see how this pans out... I will keep you updated!
Pics are on facebook!
peace out home slice!

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