Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mondays on Vaycay... not so bad!

yesterday, and today, have been pretty mellow... and Im ok with that.
yesterday all I did yesterday was get up, and hung out with carli for a bit. We watched high school musical... the first one. Its not as good as the second and third, but I still love it! It did make me think of laura and how much I miss her!!!! I cannot wait to see her when I get back... but the thought of going home is sad for me. This saturday will be the last time I see corty while on this trip and that makes me sad.
WEll, after HSM I went for an hour long walk. It was pretty nice, and I some how made it back to the house and didnt get lost. My knee afterwards was a little tight, but no pain!! YAY!!
After my walk I came home and watched some of a video from Drew and Tiffany's wedding. It was funny!!! I wish I could've been there thats for sure!!!
I also that night got to be apart of the gift opening, and it was pretty fun!!
Cort, Skyler and I just hung out in cortys room afterwards and talked about the campout that we are going to have on thursday night! Can't wait!!!

Here's a pic from the wedding!!!

Today clint, liz and carli left for pintcher creek, so I've been home alone all day. I sat outside and tanned for a bit, I watched "Sister Act 1" and got caught up on the latest episodes of big brother!
It's been nice just lounging around, but also kinda boring when there is no one to talk to at all and the fact that I'm not in my oun house makes things a little more difficult!!
Tonight, corty and I are going to go get drinks at Joeys restaurant and look pretty!! so it should be fun!!
Pictures from the photoshoot the other day are now posted on facebook!!
peace out home fry

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Just Rhonda said...

:) Aww Vanessa! How's things??? Maybe you should come down the Lethbridge and see me? :)