Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacay update!

Saturday I went to my very first rugby game... AND I LOVED IT!! It was cortneys brother skylers game. After the game we went to capitol ex and went on some rides... got some henna and just had loads of fun. When we got back home he fell asleep on the couch and I fell asleep on the floor! I didnt sleep much the night before, and he had played all day so we were pooped!
When we woke up we watched FAME.. it was ok, odds of me buying it??? rather slim but with me you never know hahah!
After the movie we were roasting because it was super hot out, so we decided to sit in the little kiddie pool, then corty joined and carli as well! skyler was the only on with a swimsuit on so it was pretty funny! the funniest part was that we got really cold and we loaded the jacuzzi tub with bubbles and the 4 of us hopped on in! hahahaha there are pictures that will later be posted on facebook! people will judge but I dont care!
onto sunday... I got up got ready and went to church. It was once again super hot but theres no humidty so thats a plus!! after we got home and took a nap and had dinner, corty wanted to do a photo shoot of me... so we did. there are like 400 pics and they will be posted soon!!
but for right now heres a little sneek peek!!


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Laura O'Hearon said...

holla.. you did look hot on Sunday. ow ow... i miss you.