Thursday, April 17, 2014


I have always had an over active imagination. I have always made up stories and lived them out in my mind. Some stories more elaborate than others. I think this is why I have had so many nightmares throughout my life, because my mind is always thinking of things. I was hoping once I grew up the nightmares would stop or be less common but that's not the case with me.
I have had reoccurring dreams as well, and some with titles. If anyone were to ask what was my most memorable dream from my childhood I would have to say it wasn't a dream but a nightmare and it was called (yes it had a title) JEREMY THE PRICKLE MONSTER!!!
I dreamt that my family and I were on a trip to the Schubie Wild Life Park back home in NS and for some reason it shared a fence with a cemetery. As we walked through an information booth about the animals we were about to see we noticed that Jeremy was missing and quickly ran out of the booth searching for him. We saw that Jeremy was in the cemetery and for some reason all of the old school wooden coffins were above ground and not buried. Jeremy was punched holes into the coffins and started eating the dead people and called for Josh to join him. As a loyal brother Josh did as Jeremy asked. Josh did not like the taste and immediately spat the dead people out of his mouth. Jeremy was unstoppable and turned into a zombie like creature and started throwing "prickles" at us (no idea what the prickles were but they hurt.) Everyone was in a panic and trying to run away and then I woke up. See what I mean about over active imagination???
Since Dominic was born I have had "nightmares" as I'm sure all woman have who are first time moms and I have worried about him everyday. He is my everything and I cannot imagine my life without him.
I have issues sleeping some nights because I will nap too long during the day, but lately I haven't been sleeping because we took Dominic to get his vaccinations last week and ever since then he wakes up crying in his sleep for the first 3 hours of the night after he goes down. I don't try to sleep during that time because if I do and am woken up by his crying then I will be up for the rest of the night because its like I had a power nap. This then turns into me sleeping for hours during the day and making it harder for me to sleep at night.
Last night we went swimming for the first time and by the time we got home and got settled and fed Dominic it was about midnight. Like every night this past week he woke up crying so I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep for a little while until I knew he was sound asleep. Once I realized it had been about an hour since he cried I knew I could go to sleep now.
They say it only takes minute to dream and that was the case for me. I fell asleep and had been asleep for about 10mins and I dreamt the worst dream, or nightmare, I have ever had. This nightmare did not last long and it had no scary monsters in it. It was a mothers nightmare come true. In my dream I woke up and Dominic was gone; taken from our room as we slept by some stranger. I woke up in tears and Dey held me as I cried. Dominic was fine and I could still see him in his cradle at the end of our bed. I decided right then and there that if when the time comes that he is too big for his cradle that he will not go into the other room but sleep in our bed until I feel comfortable with it.
He woke up crying about an hour later and I decided to bring him in bed with me where I had a movie playing on Netflix and I watched him sleep until about 630am when I finally fell asleep.
I love my son more than anything in this world. He is apart of me and I have been blessed with the job of being his mother and protector. I would give up my life for him if I needed to. I will love him for the rest of our lives on earth and into eternity.

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