Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This past weekend was Easter and it is probably in my top 3 favorite holidays because its the one where I get the most candy and I LOVE candy.
Friday we had dinner with some friends and we all pitched in and made something. I even made tea biscuits from scratch. I thought that a single batch was not going to be enough so I doubled it... next thing I knew I was counting 35, 36, 37... single batch would have been better because we have thrown out the left overs. But hey, at least I made them and they turned out. I am quite pleased with myself these days with the baking/cooking I've done. This is so unlike me but I'm so bored at home all day I need to do something to keep me from just watching TV and going crazy.
Saturday I went to the store and ran a few errands and updated my phone, which was an hellish ordeal, and we just pretty much stayed in and cleaned a bit.
Sunday we went to church and then afterwards my brother and his wife stopped by on their way back to Edmonton. Looking at Kim, who's due in September, she is still pretty tiny. I guess its not a Blakeney gene that makes you big when you're pregnant... or maybe it is and she didn't get hit with it because I was huge and come to think of it so was Julia when she was pregnant. Like she and I both blew up really fast. Lyla was smaller than Dominic though and he was early and Lyla was late. Honestly, why was I so big!? Probably all the sugar... but at least I didn't get the gestational diabetes. That was my biggest fear while being pregnant because it involves needles every day. No Thank you!
I always love seeing my family and I wish that we all lived closer together.
I also love my Saviour. I know that Easter, like Christmas, has been over commercialized and I do like to partake in the worldly ways of things, but I am forever grateful to my saviour for what he has done and continues to do for me every day. I have had to use the atonement in my life on more than one occasion and for more than one thing and I could not be where I am today without him.
I have my son because I was able to make my way back to him and rely on him for my growth and my repentance. All of this led me to Dey and look at me now, married and a mom. Two things I never though would happen for me.
I hope that everyone had an amazing Easter and that they, like me, can come to love and appreciate the Saviour and his sacrifice he made for each and every one of us.

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