Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh My Life...

My life right now is:

Today I woke up with yet another sad thought in my head and in my heart... the one in my head was that my parents came home last night... yes I was glad that I didnt have to be home a lone anymore, and yes I did miss having them around, but theres always that feeling of still wanting the house to yourself because you can just do whatever you want and wear whatever you want and not have to worry about other people seeing or hearing you...
The sad thought was that today was my grammies birthday and she wasnt here to celebrate it. My grampie actually had a little birthday party for her, but we couldnt go because it was on the weekend and my parents were still away. It just made me think that I hope my grampie is handling it well. My dad called him today but I didnt want to ask how it went because my dad is an emotional person and I didnt want to see him cry because thats where I get it from and I know that I wouldve cried if he did.

Also today I was thinking about how much I love the fact that my parents buy me pretty things when they are away. My mom came into my room this morning and was carrying a really pretty coach purse. I love it!!!
Also I was thinking about how much I love my friends!!!! I CANNOT wait until this summer when I get to see Cortney for the first time in 2.5 years! It is going to be a sweet reunion!!
I was also thinking about Laura and how much I miss hanging out with her and how Im excited to get to hang out with her at Sarahs wedding this weekend! It shall be a blast.
Yesterday i had the opportunity to play around with my FAVORITE person in the ENTIRE world, and that was my niece lyla! It had been a little while since I last saw her and was sooo excited to see her at church. She looked super cute, as always, and was just funny. She kept hopping up and down and in the words of Laura, "it looks like shes having a verticle siezure" haha while hopping around she would just say "daddy" and when she had my camera she would hold it up to her face and say "cheese". Now I tried really hard to get her to say Nessa, but daddy and cheese was all I got... well I got that and one of her doggy kisses. Yes that is correct, my brother has taught her how to give doggy kisses. I cannot complain about it because that was something I did on a regular basis growing up. There were pictures taken, but I have been too tired to upload any since the year 2010 began, but I promise there will be some posted soon on face book.
Week 1 is complete for overnights, but there are plenty more where that came from. My schedule this week is WAY out of wack thats for sure....
Monday: 3pm-12am
Tuesday: 12am-9am(wednesday)
Wednesday: 9:30pm-2am (thursday)
Saturday 10:3oam-6pm

Seriously, I dont think Pat was paying much attention to sleeping patterns thats for sure.
This is why Im awake right now, because I want to stay up late so I can sleep all day tomorrow so that I wont be too tired for my midnight shift tomorrow.
But I still must be going because I have a phone call to make to my dear friend Eric who I havent talked to in a very long time and cant wait to hear from him!!
Therefore I must bid you all farewell and good night!

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I feel you on being tired... I think I have been tired for the past three years! When does it end?