Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tender Mercies

Today is sunday. Normally sundays seem like a day where I can just be laid back and relaxed, but today was just not that way.
I havent been sleeping the best because of my work schedule, and so I woke up rather early and have to work tonight at midnight until 9am tomorrow.
I've been trying to take a nap but i just cant seem to be able to close my eyes long enough to fall asleep.
Also, this morning I woke up and all I could think about was my grammie and how much I miss her, and how much I wish she and I could've gotten to see each other more, and get to know each other better.
Today I was waiting outside of pres. moses's office because I needed to get my temple reccommend renewed and david schow came and sat down beside me. (he's a counselor in the branch presidency.)
He then proceeded to tell me how much he and his wife cared about the people in the branch but that they really cared about me and how they both were in the ysa prgram for a long time before they met each other and how they understand how sometimes it seems like the grass may be greener on the other side. but he then told me how if I ever wanted to talk or just hang out that I can call them or even go hang out at their house and not to feel awkward about it. then he said something that brought tears to his eyes and later to mine when he left... he said "Vanessa, I want you to know that you are not alone."
Although I didnt think there was anything wrong or that I needed to hear something so simple, I was wrong. I NEEDED to hear that.
Pres. Moses and I talked about that when I was in his office and of course he and I both got emotional.
Today was just an all around weird emotional day, but a day that I needed.
Today, Brother David Schow was MY tender mercy.
After these moments, Jessica (david's wife) told me how she wanted to hook me up with her brother who's at BYU: Provo. it was funny. she told me to creep him on facebook, and well I did! hahaha she wants him to come visit her here, and she also said that she wished I would be in calgary this summer, and well I told her how I would be!! so thats pretty cool. she also said that after she told ben to ask me/take me out that she realized it was a bad match and that she thinks me and her brother zach would get along great.
So like I said before... today was a weird day, but a great day. a day I am grateful for.

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