Saturday, March 20, 2010


Since becoming one of the supervisors at work, i've come to realize that the nicname it was dubbed while working in edmonton "Old Slavery" is a PERFECT fit.
There never seems to be a day when i'm off. Mostly because if i'm not at work, i'm dreaming about it when I sleep... NOT FUN!
We are under going renovations right now and the last 2 nights i've done overnight shifts; one of which was a 12.5 hour shift! It was insane, but also one of the fastest shifts i've ever had.
Next week I work SUN-THURS 12am-9am.
The best part is that I can wear whatever I want because the store is never opened when i'm there!!
Sleep patterns are rather out of wack right now, and right now its techinacally night time for me.

Question of the day:
I DO!!!
It was a bit of an adventure to find it this morning, but alas, michelle and I found it!

Mine, however, is the collector's edition that is in a tin case and comes with my very own Edward figurine! I was pretty excited for that!!

What else am I excited for??
JUNE 30TH!!!


So, I officially have been offered my EFY contracts for both weeks, and I've been in debate about doing it for a little while now.
Do I love EFY? YES
Is it fun and awesome? YES
I just dont know what to do about it.
Cortney will be home for the summer so I will get to see her for the first time in about 2.5 years so thats awesome. I guess i'm just nervous about going to efy when I know that I might not know anyone there this year.
Last year I was lucky and my dearest friend Laura went as well, so I had her there to hang with and stuff... now she will not be there this year.
I guess I will wait and see how I feel in a few days because I need to make a decision.
Well, its off to bed for me now so I will talk to you later!

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