Thursday, March 4, 2010


I thought that i would be able to stay away, and well for a while there I actually did.
Why did I decided to come back on here?
Im not entirely sure.
I guess its because I was looking over some of my EFY things and came across a song I re-wrote for someone there, and it made me think that I miss writing.
So here I am, back in the blogging sphere.
Heres a brief update to how things have been:
- ben left & isn't coming back (surprise surprise. I liked him of course he wasnt coming back.)
- my phone, my NEW phone, that I got in december has now broken for the THIRD time! yes thats right, it has broken 3 times! I am not impressed.
- I've been working like crazy because of renovations, and well I'm kinda tired of it... NEW JOB PLEASE!
- my parents are going on vacay again soon... GIRLS NIGHT PLEASE!!!
- I cant wait for the summer to get started, BUT would like to skip over my whole turning 23 in may part ok?..ok!
- I've become obsessed with TWO things... well 1 thing & 1 person...




yes, yes I KNOW he is american, but I LOVE HIM!!

thats all...

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