Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Months Old

Where is the time going? My child is 7 months old. Its hard to believe that this time last year I was still pregnant with him and wildly uncomfortable and not sleeping. Well, I'm a little more comfortable now but still not sleeping. Looks like my mom was right in saying I wont get sleep until they are 18. Fingers crossed I get some before then because I wont survive.
So Dominic is growing like a weed and learning so much more as each day goes on. He is about 19lbs and around 27". Hes such a good eater which is crazy because I'm not, and I am so happy he is. We are on a pretty good schedule now however his sleeping hasn't improved and I'm worried that it will never get back to being good and that I will have sleepless nights for the rest of my life.
He started saying "Mamamama" and would wake up crying and saying it. That lasted for a few days. Then it turned into "bababababa" and quickly turned into "dadadadadada" and that has been happening for about 2 weeks now. I keep trying to get him back on the mama train but no dice.
He rolls all around the room to get places and loves playing with his toys. He wants to stand all the time but wants to have me help him, which gets tiring because I want to do things as well. Hes still in his "how dare you leave me and go into another room" stage and freaks out and cries. However, if he is out of the house with other people, or even if Dey or someone else is over and is in the same room he is perfectly ok, but the moment they leave hes back to being super needy. Don't get me wrong, I love that he loves me and wants to be close to me but, I need some space too and need to get some work done. I let him cry a lot during the day so I can get things done, but after a while I still have to pick him up and do things handed, like make chocolate chip cookies.
He still doesn't have any teeth but he is very bothered by them. I'm hoping all 4 pop through at the same time because it will mean all the suffering will be done and over with at once for a little while.
The other night he had a bit of a fever for a second time. The first time was after his 4 month shots, but this time it was just because. He has had a runny nose and some semi loose poops (more so than normal) and these have all been linked to teething so I think the end is near! His fever didn't last long at all and it wasn't that high, but it was just enough that he was bothered and not able to go back to sleep for a bit.
I have stopped putting him in 3-6 month clothes and have been slowly packing them up, especially because the weather is starting to cool down here. It makes me really sad to know that he isn't a little baby anymore. I want him to grow up and but I want him to stay small and want to cuddle with me.
I was told today, as I have been many other times, about how amazing his eyes/eyelashes are and how girls will be falling over him because of them. I have decided that if ever a girl comes over, even to play, I will tell them that they have he wrong house and no Dominic lives here. I want to keep him mine forever... yeah I know that wont happen but still, he is my first born and my little boy. I want him to stay mine forever.
We have decided that because the electrical in this house cannot be trusted that until we move into another place he will be in our room, so we have moved his crib in our room. Yes we don't have as much walking space but we have enough to get by and he likes his crib a lot. He even tries to pull himself up if we sit him closer to the side.
I am getting closer to the end of my leave and I think about it everyday and how sad that makes me. Be prepared for many tears shed on that fateful day.
I am excited for all of his firsts that will coming so soon and cannot wait to celebrate them with him.
I know that being a mom isn't easy and it is hard a lot of the time, but it is honestly the most worthwhile thing in this life (at least to me.)
I love my baby and cannot believe he is mine forever!

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