Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Uncle Meets Nephew

Last Wednesday I headed to the airport to pick up my brother at midnight. I was so stinking tired but I was so excited that I was getting to see my brother and he was able to meet Dominic.
Dominic didn't sleep much that night and was awake when we got home so they got to see each other right away. I think this was a blessing in a way because when we got up in the morning Dominic remembered who he was and wasn't upset being left with him.
One of the first things Josh said when he saw Dominic was "Uhhh his hair has red in it!?" ... Yes, its true, my son has a tint of red in his hair. You can thank the Blakeney side for that.

We went to IKEA on Thursday (Josh has never been) and he wanted to look at some items because one of the stores in Ontario will ship to NS and he wanted to see what things were really like in comparison to the catalog. Then on Friday we went to Banff and Lake Louise where Josh jumped in the water. My brother is crazy!! He said it was pretty cold. Duh, it's glacier water! We had lunch, where Josh got hit on by a man and hung out and headed home.
Now Josh picked up right where he left off and picked on me like crazy. I caught myself crying in the car because I knew he was the one leaving soon and it made me miss my family that much more.

When we got home Josh got ready because he was hanging out with some friends and Jeremy came to town so they could drive up to Edmonton together the next day. It was the first time in a little over 2 years since the 3 of us have been together and it felt great. It was a bitter sweet moment because they weren't staying long but it was so nice to have them here. Josh and Jeremy were cuddle buddies that night and it made it feel like old times for me when we would be on vacation and the 2 of them would share a bed in the Hotel.

Saturday the boys said that they were going to do the Luge at C.O.P. and I asked if it was an open invite and they said yes so we all went.
First Jeremy, Josh and I went down, then Myself and Dey, then Jeremy, Josh and Dey, then just Jeremy and Josh. It was so worth it and honestly so much fun. I want to go back so bad! However my tailbone is killing me now.
I made sure that we got a picture before they left. This was the only decent one where the boys weren't being their ridiculous selves and making faces. I love them.

I love my family, and I wish that my brothers stayed a little longer, but I am thankful for the little time I did get to spend with them.
Now its just a waiting game for Nova Scotia. Come on Sealing Clearance!!

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