Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So lately as Dominic has gotten bigger and I have been walking around with him in his stroller and car seat, yes car seat, I have come to realize that he is too big for the car seat because he keeps trying to sit up in it.
Some people have told me to put him in his stroller, not in the car seat, and I have done it many times but he screams bloody murder ad wont calm himself down.
I remembered seeing my friends stroller that she told me about and I instantly thought that it would be the best thing for us. Ever since then I have seen this stroller every where. It is the City Select stroller that grows with your family.
It has a chair that you can have face you (big plus because Dominic just wants to be sure that he is not alone), it has an add on where you can put a second chair and face whichever way you want. It has an add on where you can put your car seat if you have another child and put the second one in the front, and it also has an add on where its a stand in the back for a third child to use so they can wheel around with you.
Honestly this is the dream stroller for me and Dey has even stopped strangers asking them why it's so great. I'm hoping he caves on it soon because we cant carry Dominic every place we go.
This stroller is not cheap but I have found them on Kijiji for cheaper than you get brand new by about 200$. To me this is a steal.
Today while walking I literally saw the stroller about 4 times in less than 3km. I think that this is a sign that we should buy it.
Send good vibes my way that Dey lets me get this stroller :)

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