Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Months (A little late) + A Little More

Dominic is 5 months old, and has been for a couple weeks now. It is crazy that he is this big already.
He has been growing like a weed and I want to keep him small forever. I think he is slowing down though with the weight gain but he is getting taller quite quickly.
He is eating solids now, mostly cereal, prunes, carrots and apple sauce. We will be starting sweet potatoes here shortly.
He is now a rolling machine and he is trying to learn to roll the other way but he gets frustrated and goes the way he knows best.
He is starting to hate getting changed. Not getting his diaper changed but putting clothes on. Hes fine once they're on but putting them on initially is a chore. I'm gonna have some trouble when he gets bigger. He is also a side sleeper. The moment I put him down he turns himself to the side.
He has been a bit difficult lately because he is teething so he doesn't sleep well and keeps me up a lot.

I have taken him to the lake with Laura and he didn't seem to hate the water. It was a little chilly for him so he was shivering a little but he was perfectly fine.
We celebrated Canada Day with James, Diana, Amelia and Dianas Mom, sister and future brother in law. We had a BBQ and sat out in the backyard with the kiddie pool. It was a beautiful day with some beautiful friends.

I have been going for walks lately by myself and it feels good knowing that I am getting some exercise. Also I have been blessed to have such a good friend in Michelle C. She is always down for a good walk and hang out, even if its at the mall. We (myself and Dominic) just adore her and are so grateful to have her in our lives and we will miss her terribly for the 2 months that she is gone.

I have also been blessed with another friend name Michelle, but she is from work. She is on leave from work right now and she has been making the effort for us to get together. Tomorrow we are going to hang out with her and her daughter Peyton who is the funniest 8 year old I know.

Last week my grandfather passed away and it was hard not being there with everyone. I'm very sad about it but I think not being there has in a way made it easier because when my grammie died and I saw her in her casket I had a break down and it was more real. I think when I get to go home and visit his grave I will have a harder time.
When my grammie was alive she made all of her granddaughters an afghan and it sits on my couch right now. I love that I have that as a reminder of her. Looking at it makes me wish I had something of my grampies so I asked my mom to talk to my nanny to see if she had any of my grampies old hats that he used to wear. My mom talked to my nanny and she said she didn't think she had any because she has been getting rid of his things periodically as he was in a home, but she looked around and remembered that she had one in the closet that she thought of getting rid of countless times but for some reason she thought she better hang onto it. I am so glad she did. I cant wait to have it. I don't know what I will do with it but I am happy that I will have something of his.

My brother and Kim came down this weekend and they are having a baby in September. It doesn't look like she is due then but that's what the doctors say. They don't have a lot of stuff yet so I had bought them some clothes and gave them some of my excess things I had for boys (that's what they are having.) I am sad that they left but I am glad that they are only a few hours away. I miss having family around. I feel bad that they aren't going back to Utah for a while but I am super excited that I get to be around when they have the baby and Dominic will have a little cousin a few hours away.

I cut my hair about a month ago almost and I lost 5lbs from it, but I have been so stinking hot that I am tempted to cut it even shorter to keep cool, but then I think about how long it will take to grow it out again and its a dilemma I am faced with. I'm so tired of being warm but I don't want to have to wait to have longer hair and I also don't want to put it in a pony tail all the time either.... who knows what I will do.

I am loving the summer weather and I hope it never ends. I really don't want winter to come at all. I also want time to pick up so we can go back to NS. Its a waiting game that I am tired of playing.
My mom said today I should stay for a month... I think its a pretty good idea if you ask me!

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