Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Post

Tonight I am sitting in my bed, like I do most nights at this time, and I'm feeling very blah!! 
This morning started off great. I went to a stampede breakfast with Dey and Dominic and walked around the mall for a few minutes, where I found an Elsa doll for my mom to give Lyla. 
I needed more cereal for Dominic and also wanted to buy mum-mum rice cookie things because they're a good snack and also apparently good for teething. Dominic loves them and quickly squawks for more once it's done. 
It's Tuesday so Dey is at the office for the night and I have been dealing with a fussy baby. Here's to hoping he sleeps better tonight. 
Where was I??? ... Oh right, breakfast and mall... Well afterwards I was supposed to get together with my one friend Michelle L. and go to the splash park. Unfortunately she had to reschedule and my mood immediately dropped. I wasn't mad at her at all, I was just sad that I was going to have zero interaction outside of Dey and because I was tired after another pretty sleepless night I became a grumpy gal really fast. 
It took everything in me to get myself up and go for a walk. 
I am trapped in the house it seems everyday because I don't have people who want to see me and I don't have a car because Dey has it. 
My walk was great. It was 4.49km. 
Tomorrow, if my plans fall through again, which it seems like they will, I will go for another walk and see where it takes me. 

On another note, I have 4 friends who I miss dearly these days; Cortney, Kayla, Sheila and Megan. These ladies are 4 of the best people I know. They are the ones who I know would be here all the time if they lived closer and it makes my heart ache for good friendships. 

Also, Michelle C. is leaving really soon and I am deeply saddened by it. Yes she will be back soon but until then I will be sad because she has been one of the best friends a girl could ask for. Not once has she forgotten that I am still me even though I am a mom and a wife and she has bonded with Dey and has gotten to know him. She and I have known each other for years and we have always been the type of friends that even if time has gone by since we have hung out it would be as if no time has passed at all. Lately we have been hanging out a lot and it has been a true blessing to me because it has helped keep me sane. 

Even though I've been feeling lost, forgotten and like a convienant friend to some I have been truly blessed with a few wonderful people who have made me feel happy and for them I am grateful. 

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