Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Melt My Heart

On July 28th 2014 I got a glimpse of the voice that will be my sons. Ninette was bathing Dominic and when she was getting him dressed for bed she turned to me with him in her arms and he, for the first time actually full fledge turned his body and reached out for me. He also started babbling, which he does a lot, and this time it was a new sound. He put his bottom lip in his mouth almost and went "mamamama" I was so thrilled and excited. Then later that night when he woke up crying because he's alone, as he does every night, he cried out saying the same thing. It has become his go to sound when he's upset. I know that he doesn't realize what he's doing but to hear him say mama in any way shape or form just melts my heart and reassures me that I am a good mother because he is growing up so well. 
He is a handful a lot and he's not the type of baby who can cry himself to sleep or grows tired of crying, he cries until he hyperventilates and keeps crying and can't calm himself down, so he needs to be cuddled and held a lot. But these sweet moments make all of the hard ones so much more than just worth it. This boy has run away with my heart and quite frankly it is the best thing ever. 

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