Monday, February 25, 2013

Work in Progress

Life has been good to me over these past few months and I am happy for that.
My relationship is going good... well its going better than good, its amazing. Dont get me wrong we have had a few bumps in the road along the way but I am accepting of them because together we have been able to work through our problems and discuss things and "fix" the issue(s). I love the growth I have accomplished from this. I have seriously changed over these past few months, and these changes have been for the best.
Sunday I was able to face my fears and face some challenges I have been placed with over the past couple of years and I have been able to start working towards what I want the most; The Temple.
I havent had a Temple recommend in about 2 years and I am excited to get it back. Its going to take some time, and there are some challeges that come with this, but I am so excited about getting back to where I want and need to be.
My bishop has given me a few challengs for the next couple of months; Praying morning and night, reading my scriptures daily, and fasting every Sunday. Now these things may not seem like challenges to some, but they sure are ones for me.
These are a work in progress for me.
I guess its time to get to work!

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