Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Would Have Thought!?

On Thursday night Cortney was in town and staying at my place because she was going to a wedding... who gets married on a Thursday!? These people did, and as long as you're happy and all the important people can make it who cares what day it's on!

Having Cort in town meant that I would have to give up my weekend rutual of being lazy and staying in comfy clothes, which sometimes mean wearing a bathingsuit top because I don't feel like putting on a bra. Im just being honest, I dont like bras most days. But that is besides the point...
So Cortney on friday wanted to do something, and since Im broker than broke at this very moment I said I couldn't really do much that required money... In case you are wondering why that is, it's because when you dont have the money to do things people wont let you do them. Unfortunately nothing in life is ever reall free these days.
I suggested that we go to a movie because I had enough scene points to get a free movie! Yay for me and my obsession with movies.
So we went and saw "Silver Linnings Playbook"

Ok, So Bradley Cooper can marry me whenever he wants because I am more than willing to be attached to that man for the rest of my life!! Love Him!!
Not only is he EXTREMELY attractive in every way possible, he is a great actor.
Jennifer Lawrence, mostly known for her role in "The Hunger Games" and "X-Men: First Class" surprised me. I didn't expect her to be as convincing as she was. I don't want to go into too much detail for those of you who want to see it. But she is playing a bit of a "crazy" person and she does a great job and I was very impressed. Overall I was very impressed with the movie. If you dont mind swearing then I would suggest seeing it. But if a lot of swearing bothers you, then I wouldnt go see it.

So after the movie we heard that there was a party going on that was a christmas dance party, and being myself and Cortney, we both LOVE dancing and were quite excited about going to it. So we get ready and we tried to look semi decent and get to where this party was being held, come to find out it was a social gathering with people performing... aka a christmas talent show. The best thing was that I got to see people I havent seen in a long time. It was funny because before we left Cortney was saying she was worried people would think her make up was over the top, and I told her not to worry about it because people would be more shocked to see me out of the house haha which was quite true. Some people didnt know what to make of it.

So after a night of restless sleep because someone snored all night, we got up and I was dragged to the Calgary Farmers Market for a little bit, and then Cortney had to meet up with some people to practice a dance routine she is supposed to do in the new year. So I sat there and watched with intimidation because I cannot pick up coreography like she can and I cant dance like she can either. I tend to feel really self concious around people who are so good at things and it makes it harder for me to get out of my shell.
So Cortney found out about this UofC latin dance club things that hold dances every month at this community hall, and anyone can go but its cheaper if you're a member of the club. I guess a lot of members go because in the western parts of Canada the youth learn such dances, where as in the eastern parts we dont. Therefore I am wildly untalented in that area.

I wouldnt mind looking like the people in the video below. That would be nice, but that would mean a lot of practice and money to spend on those classes and I dont really have the time or the money to do it.

A night out with Cortney woudnt be the same if there wasnt some sort of a picture taken, and being the typical girls that we are we took it in the bathroom.

The reaminder of the night was spent by Cortney dancing with some guy she met there and me sitting on the side with some of the people Cortney already knew. I ended up talking to this one guy for about a half hour or more before the dance was done (it was over at 2am) and he said he was going to Mcdonalds afterwards. Then as the dance ended Cort suggested that I go with this guy to just hang out... I said ok. So we went to the Mcdonalds on 17th ave... Let me tell you right now... SKETCHIEST MCDONALDS EVER!!  We went to the Mcdonalds and I didnt want anything so he was the only one who got something to eat, and we ended up just talking. Before we knew it, it was after 5am and we said we would leave at 530. Then as the conversation continued we lost track of time and it was then 630. We said we would leave in a few minutes, but again we just kept talking and didnt leave until 8am. So I didnt get home until close to 830 and needless to say, there was no way I was waking up in an hour to get ready for church.
I think after everything was said and done I had a pretty good weekend, and even though I was way out of my comfort zone I had a good time.
This weekend I was grateful for my friends and the impact they have on my life, and I am so happy that they are apart of who I am and apart of my growing process.
I still can't wait to go home in January. Its going to be so great to see so many people that I have been missing so much over the last little while.

Well happy monday to you all even though I feel half alive after the lack sleep on my part!!

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